Trump’s Travel Ban

President Donald Trump's Controversial Reforms

President Donald Trump has implemented numerous reforms in the country over the last two weeks that others might consider unconstitutional. These reforms have sparked protests around the country, with many people taking the president to court to challenge his decisions. This paper refers to an article by Chiara Palazzo, a Telegraph news writer, titled "US court to hear claims on Donald Trump's travel ban: Tuesday morning briefing."

The Travel Ban Controversy

According to Chiara, Trump's travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries was put in place to protect the country from terrorist attacks. The individuals opposed to this law says that the move by the president to bar the entry of citizens from Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Iran and Yemen for 90 days was illegal (Palazzo). One U.S. Federal Appeals Court will be hearing and responding to this ban.

President Trump's Campaign Promises

One of the key proposals by President Donald Trump during his campaign was that he would protect Americans from terrorists. Donald Trump also stated that he would deport a portion of immigrants once he ascended to power. The president has been keen in implementing his manifesto in the two-week duration that he has been in office. However, ban on innocent individuals who are victimized basing on the regions that they come from is unlawful. There is light for these persons following the suspension of Trump's travel ban by US District Judge James Robart last Friday (Palazzo).

The Court's Role and Conclusion

In conclusion, the federal appeal court may find it difficult to affirm the ban. The U.S. Constitution proposes that one of the functions of a sitting president is to protect Americans from any form of threats of terrorism. However, President Trump went overboard in coming up with this decision. The court should act justly and ensure that these individuals obtain justice and the travel ban is lifted.

Work Cited

Palazzo, Chiara. “US Court to Hear Arguments on Donald Trump’s Travel Ban: Tuesday Morning Briefing”. The Telegraph, 2017,

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