True Love Research

When I was a child, watching television and seeing people in love obtained me puzzled and wondered whether the emotions they had been feeling and expressing towards their beloved ones were proper or fictional. Once I got to adolescence, I had the opportunity to experience genuine love when I got into a relationship with a classmate. The journey to true love is challenging, and one has to be power so as to succeed in their quest. The girl I fell in love with was from what my dad and mom and relatives believed was a humble background and their way of existence differed from our family, and therefore I was restricted from having a relationship with the girl. It was hard to make a decision whether to follow my parents and relatives wishes or follow my heart’s desire to pursue a relationship with the girl of my dreams.

The love we had for each other brought about fulfillment and enabled me and my partner to cope with the numerous obstacles that we faced. To other people, however, we were seen as two fools who were blind to the tensions we were causing between our families. While I was happy with my partner, there were people who were keen on bringing our relationship down and breaking us apart, which can only be explained as jealousy. From this experience I learned that true love comes along with many complications which affect the couples as well as the people around them. Indeed, many a time, couples have made important decisions regarding their relationship based on the opinions and influence from the people around them (Manning, Cohen and Smock 117). In some instances, true love can have an almost magical effect that is hard to explain or overcome (Sussman 32). During this period I was in love, my partner’s views would easily influence me, and to some extent, I was not in my senses. Also, decisions and the opinions of my parents and other people did not influence my choice on who and how I was supposed to love. I was determined to sacrifice for this love regardless of what my friends, parents and other people thought about our relationship. Being only a teenager, my parents thought that falling in love at such a tender age was wrong, but I could not control the affection or even explain what was happening to me. All that mattered to me was the fact that I felt loved and I was happy. I remember that on many nights I would disappear to meet the girl that I loved only to come back and find my father waiting for me to get home. My father imposed all forms of punishments such as prohibiting me from going out, meeting friends, and even watching television but I was willing to sacrifice all that as I repeatedly broke the rules and kept on seeing the girl my family was so opposed to.

Based on this personal story, it is evident that the road to true love has never been and will never be smooth. Throughout life, people have to make decisions about relationships, and even marriage, which have consequences as they pursue true love. Based on personal experience also, I have realized that there can be numerous problems such as loss of friends, disagreements between couples, and the couple may even face rejection from family and friends; hence, my firm belief that the quest for true love is challenging as opposed to being smooth.

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