training and development program as well as induction program

The training and development program, as well as the induction program, will be discussed here. Employee development begins with staff training. Initially, it teaches them new skills and abilities while also improving their overall competences. Furthermore, training and development can improve employee performance by introducing them to new ways and methods of carrying out their responsibilities (White, Carson & Wilbourn, 1991). Employees who have received training have been found to perform better than those who have not received training. Training can be carried out utilizing several theoretical models, such as ADDIE (White et al., 1991). Functional model can also be applied to ensure that all the necessary components are taken into account. The training program can be done either through on job training program or off job training program. Additionally, coaching and mentoring program will be vital. Employees will have to be mentored and coached on basic skills which they need to accomplish their tasks. Another important to be covered will be inductions and orientation. The topic will help employees to get to know the details about the company, its objectives, missions, visons and core values. Employee induction significant to employees as through it, workers are able to learn more about their duties, be briefed about organization objectives and the actual work features and what they will be expected to deliver (White et al., 1991).

Furthermore, the technical skills needed to perform the job will also be made known to them. The topics will be covered starting from inductions and orientation, followed by training and development, followed by coaching and mentoring program. According to White et al (1991) training and development has positive effects on the performance of an organization. The study found out that training had that capacity to boost employee job performance by 50% compared to when workers were not trained among the companies which were studied.

Question 2

The company ought to remain compliance with regulations devised by relevant bodies such as Department of Labor by fully embracing the enacted polices, proper and timely record keeping, and keeping accurses record of employee information. It is the responsibility of the company to provide fair and equitable compensation to its employees her (United States Department of Labor, 2016). Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA) was transformed and amendment and being harmonized with Fair Labor Standards Act. FLSA has established the guidelines which need to be followed in addressing the minimum wage that employees need to be paid by any given company. In 2009, the Department of Labor (DOL) provided that the minimum wages that employees were supposed to be paid for any overtime work was to be $7.25 per hour.

According to the guidelines, employees who are subjected to overtime work are supposed to be paid one and half times their current pay. Despite such provisions, several exemptions are provided. First, workers must be subjected to a weekly minimum salary of at least $455. Second, worker to enjoy such benefits are supposed to be paid based on salary basis. Lastly, in order to enjoy such benefits, workers are supposed to be part of the following groups: executive personnel must be professional, computer experts among many other technical positions (United States Department of Labor, 2016).

Question 3

Political climate plays the major role in evaluating the position of government and legislation in global marketing. It is necessary to analyse and understand the stability of the host country and the history of government intervention in trade (Busse & Hefeker, (2007). The firm should be critical in evaluating the best segment to market its products without serious effects on the political system of the host company (Busse & Hefeker, (2007). For instance, the company should avoid countries that lack stable governments. It is impractical to market products and services in a war torn country such as Syria. Moreover, some governments directly influence the success of foreign companies through adverse policies such as high taxes.

It is important to establish the relationship between the hosting government and its people. The company should avoid a nation led by a government with incompetent strategies to address global marketing. Conversely, there are some countries with less restrictive international marketing strategies such as the United States. Countries have different laws regulating several elements of the market mix such as products, price, distribution, promotion, content, and advertising personnel. Product laws include regulations on the type of packaging and labelling requirements while pricing involves anti-dumping and transfer pricing. The best way to prepare for new Administration in any given is through buying of the risk which involves insurance schemes to reduce the impact of politic on the business (Busse & Hefeker, (2007)

Question 4

Working from home has had many advantages which has become the main reason why it has been widely used. First, working from home gives an employee a direct relation with the family. Consequently, staffs will be in a position to both attend to work as well as family needs which could have been impossible to attain a such a work life balance (Lim & Teo, 2000).

Secondly, there is a lot flexibility when one works directly from home. Employees can attend to other issues while at the same time working. Thirdly, staffs can save on cost such as commuter expenses and thus adding value to their salaries. Productivity is also likely to increase as workers are away from distractions. Conversely, working from home has got its own disadvantages. For example, physical contact between employees and employer become dysfunctional. It becomes very difficult to trace employee's movement as they are not within the premise. Video meeting and conference meeting cannot produce the required level of commitment and employees may end up cheating on their performance. Contractors are likely to find it difficult in supervising employees. Employers are supposed to ensure that they have constant meetings with their staffs regularly to gauge the effectiveness of virtual office. A study conducted by (Lim & Teo, 2000) on the effectiveness of virtual employees indicated that most of the employees had improved their performance. however, it recommended that regular meetings between employees and employers were critical

Question 5

Executive cheating on their CV has been in the spotlight in past years with many of being accused of lying. Many of them have however shown excellent performance. Generally, there has been no strict actions taken against those executive who have been found lying using their CV to cheat on their education status. Nevertheless, several of those found cheating on their education have been subject to public shame (Slater & Dixon-Fowler, 2010). The current CEO at yahoo has been accused of lying by providing a fake resume. Jeffrey Papows the former CEO at IBM has been accused of lying on his CV. Despite such accusations, the two CEOs did not lose their jobs but were subjected to public shame (Slater & Dixon-Fowler, 2010).


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