Tourism Research

The article ‘The administration of resource sustainable valorization by Tourism in the inter-ethnic rural area of Sibiu depression’ has been retrieved from the UCF libraries in the Academic search premier (EBSCOhost) The article examines the sustainability of tourism in a rural location Sibiu depression. Overtime, the use of natural resources in tourism has be unsustainable and there has been clear signs in the direction of the depletion of resources and alteration of the normal conditions of nature. The thought of sustainability is all about enabling the satisfaction of current needs which are sated via nature but at the same time putting a incredible consideration on the future and how the future generations can benefit from the resource in question. This research looks into the possibility of harmonization of the tourism needs with the environmental needs and at the same time in consideration with sustainable development.The research utilized the quantitative and quantitative methods in the collection of data in order to be in a position to get the valid information to come up with the answer to the problem statement which is the issue of sustainability in rural tourism. Through the use of case studies, the team conducted a PESTEL and SWOT analysis respectively, of the data collected in order to come up with the proper position of sustainable development of tourism and agro tourism in the rural areas. The criterion used on Sibiu depression enabled the team to be in a position to identify the threats to the sustainable development in the region. It also made possible the ability to provide the lasting solutions towards the threat and the things that need to change.ReferenceIagăru, R., Iagăru, P., Ciortea, G., & Chindriş, C. (2016). The management of resource sustainable valorization by tourism in the inter-ethnic rural area of Sibiu Depression. Agronomy Series of Scientific Research/Lucrari Stiintifice Seria Agronomie, 59(2).Part 2The institutional review board safeguards the human researchers’ rights. The part of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to guarantee consistence with every single Federal directives, laws of the state and the local authorities and University policies for the utilization of human role players in research. The relevant Federal laws are commanded by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The IBR at UCF is also mandated with the duty of offering approval for people to participate in research. It also ensures that the codes of ethics are carefully followed in the treatment that these participants get during the research. They also offer human protection in accordance to a set IBR assurance policy in order to offer ample protection for participants.

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