Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden

In three day road Joseph Boyden, a Canadian writer, explores the horrors of war. His novel is a compelling and moving tale of two Cree soldiers who return home from the front lines during World War I. The narrative explores the effects of war on the soul and identity, and it’s a reminder of the price that Indigenous communities and their peoples have paid for colonialism.

Using critical race theory to focus on racism in First Nation and Indigenous communities during World War I, Joseph Boyden has written a powerful story about Aboriginal struggle. Through a careful analysis of the treatment of Xavier, Niska, and Elijah in residential schools, Boyden is able to reveal how racism in Canada has affected First Nation and Indigenous peoples.

The setting of the novel is also important because it can influence characters’ actions. When a character is placed in an environment that is different from their own culture, they will be forced to adapt which will affect their values and morals. This is a common theme in literature and in this case, Boyden uses it to show that the Indigenous Peoples were a major target for racism from white, European settlers.

This is a very important topic that must be taken seriously. It is necessary for us as readers to understand that our society has a long history of racism and violence against the Indigenous Peoples. It is very important to learn about the different aspects of this so that we can see how it has affected Canada and our own lives.

In a similar manner to Boyden’s novel, we can use this as an opportunity to reflect on our own personal lives and how we have handled similar situations in the past. This can help us to become more understanding and empathetic of those who have experienced the same things that we have. It can also help us to understand how we can avoid causing these same problems to others in the future.

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