Things students and political scientists might consider about our military

Oh, Judith Hicks Stiehm, the author we are debating, is a long-standing reader and analyst of U.S. military affairs. She is now a professor at the University of Temples. In her book U.S. Army War College, Stiehm takes an in-depth look at the Army College, its program, faculty, personnel, and administration. The book is recommended to be read to all students considering entering the army. Without any other previous analysis of the college, Stiehm's study is incisive to highlight its strengths and limitations. She writes on the War College's history, current operations, and discourses further to give recommendations for improvement in the future. Stiehm does not fail to point out the challenges facing the college and others of its kind. Her book significantly made the government and other top stakeholders notice the previously side-lined military college. Students have also benefited from her book on the college, having been readily supplied with a rich aid to understanding higher education, especially matters militia. This study report outlines what the military entails, and tackles issues that students and political analysts should look into when considering to join the military.About eight hundred students attend the war college at any one time. These applicants must have successfully gone through the US Army Command and General Staff College. There are full-time resident students who take just eight months as well as long-distance students who take two years to complete their studies. A significant number of colonels and lieutenant colonels are considered every year for admission. The college awards its graduates a master's degree in Strategic Studies. The months/ years of training involve direct contact with specialized officials from top security bodies such as the National Security Agency and the State Department. Army War College produces the best, and this is only achieved by thus interacting with the best. The degree is not complicated, and diligence of students will ensure they get to the top. Emphasis is placed on research, and the students are also instructed in leadership, strategy and international operations.Students who have an interest in joining the army will have to go through the Army College which luckily has a wholesome curriculum. Political analysts who have also had an interest in the college's curriculum have proven and recommended it. This curriculum imparts leadership skills that will later be helpful not only in my career but also in my personal life. The college has an elective program that constitutes classes that I can do alongside other college classes. These classes are paid for by the college for some lucky students. Military training at the college brings along more than just army skills. Teambuilding, as well as communication and social skills, are imparted in going through the curriculum. Students get to get acquainted with all dimensions of life. A college student will learn how to adjust to changing environment and situations while seeking to lead the team towards success. Different missions require changing to be able to survive and succeed through. Learning with other students will also impart respect for peers and subsequently employers who I will meet shortly. Entering the college is not as hard, and it is rated among the nation's top leadership program hence is highly recommended for students considering joining the military.The Army College prepares its graduates for defending the country in times of need in addition to so much more. Being, in fact, they offer great range of career and professional training workshop, it provides students with tools and abilities in other fields. Students train to become doctors, veterinarians, nurses, dentists, surgeons, computer programmers, pilots and financial managers. Placement after graduation, just like in most colleges depends on how well one has performed in school. Trained army students go through a unified psychological test called Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) helps the university administration to determine which specialty the graduate would be best suited to perform. Other factors that are considered include the career aspirations/ ambitions, qualifications, skills, and more importantly the current and anticipated demand for new army recruits. Placement areas include intelligence and combat, computer and technology, medical emergency and law enforcement. Students ought to ensure that the skills they commit to learning while in the college will make up what they want to do once they graduate.The US Army has thirteen enlisted ranks. These classes include the Private, Private Second Class, Private First Class, Specialist, Corporal Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Mater Sergeant, First Seargent, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major and topmost is the Sergeant Major of the Army. Promotion points include military decorations, physical fitness test scores, leadership training and private education. Promotions depend on the officer's individual performance and teams' successful missions. Promotions are stable, and everyone can expect to be promoted at the same time, purely based on criteria and not complicated quotas. Exceptions apply in promotions for those who join at an advanced rank, for individual accomplishments or soldiers in Special Forces.Demotions in the army involve the reduction in rank. It usually serves as punishment for a crime or wrongdoing and is often imposed by a court-martial or other authority. Other forms of punishment that may go along with demotion include loss of wages, confinement in barracks and extreme punishment involves imprisonment in a military prison. Revision in ranks occurs after an officer is demoted and during such opportunities, others may get promoted. Such promotions are common in lower levels where ranks' change is not exactly standard.The army has various department and divisions depending on area of specialization. The Us army has three branches; The Army, Marines and the Air Force. Abilities, performance and interests and future wants should be considered in choosing what the student wants to do. All branches involve specialized training so that the students going through the various programs are well equipped to defend the country. Trainees should also be equipped to live with other counterparts and acquire additional skills that will assist in different dimensions of life. The largest group however is the Army which primarily operates in the land masses. In fact, every trainee goes through general army lessons before specializing in to a more specific area. The Marines and the Navy undergo rigorous training on the use of sea vessels as well as pirate prevention skills.ConclusionIn summary, Judith Hicks Stiehm talks exclusively on the issues regarding the United States military training. Her book has been an essential tool in understanding what military entails. Some of her observations make readers realize the importance of compulsory military training offered to every student before joining university. She says, joining the military is a call to service in its entirety. It involves giving oneself wholly to protect my country and its people. Military missions entail lots of risks, including loss of life which is, in essence, the ultimate sacrifice. Students should consider the decision seriously before they apply for military colleges and once in should give their very best. Diligence is what will make one stand out from among the many students. The Army College's elective program ensures students can also do other degree programs. The college offers the best training for such students considering joining the military. Generally, according to my analysis the book provides a better understanding of security issues and the national duty of protecting her citizens.Work CitedStiehm, Judith Hicks. "Things students and political scientists might consider about our military." PS: Political Science & Politics 40.03 (2007): 453-456.

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