Themes of "Into the Woods"

The story of "Into the Woods"

The story of "Into the Woods" is one that has a huge body count. The giant, who kills many people, can represent capitalism, the current AIDS crisis, and human confusion, greed, and pigheadedness. Those are only a few of the many political and social themes that come to mind when viewing the story. But there is much more to the story. For example, there are many themes that are relevant to our day and age, including the environment, capitalism, and climate change.


The musical, "Cinderella Goes Into the Woods," opens with "Prologue" and explores the characters' hidden wishes and flaws. For example, Cinderella sings that she wants to go to the ball, but her stepfamily adds a line: "And dance with the prince!" This only shows that the young girl just wants a change of scenery from her abusive family and to be reunited with her prince.

Red Riding Hood

The folktale of "Red Riding Hood goes into the woods" was first told centuries ago in a French folklore collection. It is a classic tale about a young girl's courage and the need to survive in dangerous circumstances. It is often told as part of a children's book, or in a nursery rhyme. The story has become a classic for good reason. The tale of a young girl who bravely faces a wolf is a timeless classic.

The Baker

'Into the Woods' is a fairy tale set in the woods, where a Baker and his wife live outside. They are cursed by a witch because their father had stolen their family tree. In order to free themselves of the curse, The Baker and his wife must find four things in the woods. Each item must have a special meaning, which is revealed in the story. In this adaptation of a traditional tale, the Baker's wife tells him the story of their marriage.

The Witch

In the musical, The Witch goes into the woods, and in its 2014 Disney film adaptation, she becomes a terrible, ugly witch. This curse was cast by the witch's mother in the past. Before the curse, the Witch was a beautiful woman, but she was transformed into the hideous witch when she lost her Magic Beans. The Witch's mother had warned her not to lose the Magic Beans, so she did so and was punished by being turned into a witch.


The fairy-tale story "Jack goes into the woods" begins with a harrowing incident. In the forest, a young Jack is forced to sell the milkless cow that he is raising for food. Then, there is Cinderella, who has run into the woods to pray for a way to the prince's ball. And finally, there is Little Red Riding Hood, who walks through the woods, wrapped in her cloak, hoping to find her grandmother's house.

The Narrator

The Narrator goes into the woods is a story about a man who finds a body in the woods and brings it back to the town. A group of men and boys investigate the body, and the narrator brings the body back to his brother. Years later, the boy tells him the story of the body, and the narrator records it in a journal.

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