Theatre and Technology

The rapid range of technologies have made the design of special effects very effective, and the technology has allowed designers to solve complicated problems in order to achieve efficient and plausible work. The specialty of architecture is effective yet complicated living theatre, the problem faced by live theater is not similar every day, it cannot be solved in one day, for the designer must do it again and again. Theatre, as it sacrifices various elements, the candlestick movements and pop up lights, smoke, explosions and many more all of them combine to produce a successful work of design, cannot be set in 3 hours. Inventing things is the most fun part of design because designers love using technology to come up with things that are visual and have not been used before (Leacroft 2011).

Huge productions require skills and producers do more complex work than just overseeing the processes of design.

They start by forming a vision of what they want on stage together with the director and the designer. Producers are literally everything in a theatre, they are the bank, the negotiator, create solutions to problems that occur and responsible for the outcome of everything (Weiss and Perri 2015).

There have been critics however that the producers do not get credit they deserve.

They do almost everything in the theatrical process. When problems arise, they are the first people to be approached and they have to come up with a solution lest the whole process stops. Producers perform most of the activities for which they cannot hire others to do yet they are hardly noticed. Critics also say that producers claim to be responsible for everything yet they do literally nothing. They are only responsible for logistics but do not get their hands on the theatre (Frommer and Harvey 2011).

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