The Young Man on Sixth Avenue Story

The plot of the story

The plot of the story is interesting, and it has been written excellently. The plot surrounds the existence of a young man in a big city. The story gets captivating due to the descriptions that have been made about him and his activities. The storyline further indicates that the young man was once attractive as most of the women noticed him. The whole story is based on the interview that the young man have had and his subsequent life. The plot of this story builds on a suspense about the future of the young man's life. The suspense that has been captured in the story is about the climax of the young man's life. The climax is reached through an explanation of the young man's life after he got a job, had a family, experienced the war and got another new job.

The character showing

The author of the story has used character showing to describe the young man. The description of the young man has been done efficiently. The young man had dark hair that had a natural wave which was a sign of being handsome. The young man in the study is twenty-five years. The young man is a family man as it has been indicated in the story that he got married and had a family. The showing description by the author is a way of ensuring that the reader knows the character. It is done through the creation of vivid pictures in the minds of the readers. Hence, the author has effectively created the character of the young man.

The setting of the story

The setting that has been used in the story has reinforced issues that have been covered in it. The settings have boosted the tone and mood of the story. For instance, the setting of the story on the forty-ninth street has enforced the descriptions of the young man. Also, the setting in New York which is a big city has been used symbolically. The main towns like New York have fast life, and the story indicates the young man reached sixty years more rapidly. As a reader, the setting of the story has influenced my perception. The influence is because of how there is the use of various contexts.(PERAPHRASE) If the settings were to be changed, I would have reacted differently because there could have been a new situation.

The narrator of the story

The narrator of the story has used the third point of view in describing the events of the story. The point of view makes narration to be interesting. Through using the third point of view, the narrator has shown various aspects of freedom such as using different settings. The narrator has used the third point of view to create an epic story about the life of the young man within a limited time frame. There is objectivity due to the third person use because the author has realized the goal of the story. If the story was to use another point of view, there could be a significant change in its effectiveness. The narrator is reliable because there is a sufficient description of the events in the young man's life. There are no faults in the entire story as all significant issues have been addressed.

The symbolic meaning of the young man

The story has used the young man as a symbol of an individual who takes his young life for granted. The young man's life is based on real expectations that he has and nothing else. Some women wish to be with him, he knows it and it makes him feel that he is the best. The young man is not impressed by the life of the Nory City which is impressive based on various issues covered in the story. The young man walks in the streets of New York with his head high as if he is not impressed with anything that reveals a symbolic meaning of his uncaring attitude about life. He eats at a good restaurant where he met his friend. He later goes for an interview and gets the job which is the expectations of every young man. Overall, the narration indicates that the individual tends to get everything that he desires as a young man.

The significance of the five issues covered in the story

The five issues that have been covered in this essay have played a significant role in the story. The roles played are positive as they have enhanced the quality of the narration. The plot has reinforced the life activities of the young man. The character showing feature has created a mental image of the young man which is significant in understanding him. The setting of the story as used has revealed that the young man's activities are contributed to by his surroundings. The third point of view by the narrator has ensured that there is the creation of a story that is interesting and that is valid and reliable. Through the efficient incorporation of all the five issues, I believe that the narrator has achieved his goals. Hence, the story is a great one based on those five aspects that have been captured in it.

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