The World's Policemen

Many countries today are heavily affected and governed by European or American countries. In this case, developing countries are prejudiced by these countries because they have the ability to offer resources such as funds and aid, as well as have an impact on policies. This caused the United States' military functions to be agreed upon immediately after the Civil War (Berkin et al., 2013). The well-managed skill of dealing with the problems of other countries resulted in increased duties and responsibilities. Taking on those responsibilities may occasionally necessitate defending global peace, law, and order. In this essay, we will look at how the United States has had a perfect model of the World's policemen and for many years while the U.S. military influenced in many countries. (Thesis Statement)

Part 2 (Outline)

Two international events that involved the U.S military
The responsibilities America took pertained some precautionary measures to execute the policies as well as preventing any further World Wars that would stop the nuclear development that would occur in the future. Initially, the United States deployed soldiers to assist contain the Jordan civil war that took place Syria borders. Led by an American officer the team took their training at the North of Amman in Jordanian.
First, the Americans went against to Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Second, America prevented the development of the nuclear program in other countries such as
North Korea, Belarus, Sudan, Iran China, Venezuela, and Syria
Last, America adopted Regan's idea that involved the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Three Aspects that led to the rise of the U.S'S superpower policemen


America had established certain ground rules due to the ability control the military equipment as well as the production of weapons because they wanted to be the world's policemen. The aspects that led to the rise of the U.S superpower included religious & moral views, financial and geopolitical reasons. First, the missionaries in America had a duty of spreading the gospel to the uncivilized parts of the world. Secondly, there was a division of the European nations and the world due to enormous profits that rose from the regions. Third, the industrial age resulted in the accumulation of wealth


First, the U.S adopts policies for anti-terrorism.

Second, America changed the immigration policies. They realized that if the people were accused of suspicion, then they had to undergo through security clearances that was progressing rigorously.

Third, America carried out an expansionist policy.

Three international incidents was taken by America after the World War 11

Immediately after the World War 11, the U.S played a vital role in determining the foreign policies (Rosita & Scott, 2010)


Korean War (1950)
Vietnam War (1968)
Persian Gulf War (1990)

Three driving forces that facilitated the international policy decision

Gulf of Tonkin
The treaty of the North Atlantic that led to the development of the NATO (Douglas, 2003).


In conclusion, before WWII the U.S didn't join any alliances, so they were more passive. However, after WWII, the U.S. took an active role in world affairs such as joining the United Nations or forming the military alliance like NATO, etc. Since World War II, the American military has been influential and their policies have been shaped well enough to be the policemen of the world.


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