The Words of an Artist

The Ability to Actualize Ideas or Concepts

The ability to actualize ideas or concepts is the basic existence of art. Constant research is necessary in order to provide the best explanations to the ideas about the world and myself.

Senior Landscape Photographer in the University

As a senior landscape photographer in the university, I enjoy the opportunity to personally shoot pictures. I am skilled in photographing and licensed in skydiving and scuba diving. This enables me to go to Alaska for Aurora pictures and in Arizona for sky and scuba diving.

Being Dynamic in My Style of Photography

To prevent limitations, I try to be dynamic in my style of photography, due to change in inspiration and ideas. I know that using a common style of shooting would make people predict the information that I am trying to convey in my different artistic works. Before I begin photographing, I used to read as much as I can to grasp the finest details of what I should capture. I do not just capture the images by the analog camera, but I use the digital camera that enables image cropping and editing.

Reflecting the Forgotten Culture

I do try to make my images reflect the forgotten culture so that the innovations, ideas, and lifestyle are shown on my canvas. The pictures give a caricature of the present and future phenomena. I believe that my artwork is for everybody in the world and my goal after graduation is to get a job in a field of national geographic or GoPro. The job opportunity would popularize my artwork as my captures would be used nationally. When people pause to see my artistic work, then I would feel fortunate in my work.

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