The value of philosophy

The Value of Philosophy in Pursuit of Knowledge

The value of philosophy can be shown in its unwavering pursuit of knowledge. Philosophy, like other sciences and schools of thought, aims to make individuals more acquainted and comfortable with key concepts. But, in its pursuit of knowledge, philosophy distinguishes itself from other sciences. This is due to the fact that it serves to unify other sciences by providing them with a system that allows them to function. When knowledge is obtained, it is detached from philosophy and forms its own school of thinking. In this way, philosophy is the source of science and other forms of definite knowledge, without which science would be impossible. The value of philosophy is not based on ascertainable knowledge. On the contrary, its value is evident in its overall uncertainty. Currently, there are innumerable questions regarding the universe, human existence, religion, and other concepts. These questions threaten to remain insoluble without philosophy. While philosophy does not profess to contain definite answers to these questions, its uncertainty plays a more important role in people's lives. By raising questions, philosophy ensures that people continue to consider these questions as opposed to ignoring them. People consider these questions important and start to devise numerous approaches to answering them. Most importantly, philosophy rouses people's interest in seeking knowledge.

The Larger-Than-Life View of Philosophic Contemplation

The larger-than-life view adopted by philosophic contemplation offers more support to its value. It seeks to magnify the 'not-self' and all other objects under investigation. In this manner, when the object of contemplation is personal or based on personal interests, it disrupts the process of understanding. On this note, philosophy frees individuals from such a mentality, allowing them to attain 'free intellect.' This type of knowledge is free of prejudice, beliefs, fear, and hope, hence serving as the most definite form of understanding.

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