The Question of Savings

The Evolution of Word Literacy

The literacy of words has changed over the years to include more current concepts that are pertinent to the setting in which they are applied. In many cases, the teachers are concerned in imparting skills to learning that enable them to respect a given word and learn its importance. It is in this context that the research focuses on a term that has been subject to change over the years with importance placed in its understanding in the twenty-first century relative to its societies' demands.

The Importance of Finance

The word, finance, used in the context of savings, is an important phrase that has been used globally in many contexts that are perceived both in the corporate and the non-official settings. Finance is an indication that the rate of production is high due to the increased level of sales and, therefore, Honeywell has a high level of operating efficiency. An increase in the cash flow from the increased sales improves the liquidity position of the company, and therefore the Company can pay the short-term and long-term obligations when they fall due.

In United Technologies, the net profit margin decreased in year two and increased in year three, but since all the margins are positive, the operating efficiency is still high, and the company can pay the debts. Therefore, both the two companies have sound financial health status.

Performance Over Time

The financial performance of Honeywell over the three-year period is increasing because the liabilities of the enterprise are decreasing. The free cash flow is positive, and the trends are rising; an indicator that the liquidity position of the company has improved. The major strength of Honeywell is the increasing free cash flow. The company can use the resource to cater for the short-term obligations and, therefore, improve the efficiency of operations. The company weakness is that it has a high debt-to-equity ratio. In this regard, it will spend most of the revenues to pay the debts, and these will affect the future growth and performance of the firm.

United Technology is generating profits, but the debts are extremely high. The income generated from operations will be used to pay the debts and hence lower the retained profits that can be used to expand the scope of activities. The biggest strength of the company is that it has the capacity to generate profits, and if it reduces the debts, it will have more resources in the future. The weakness of United Technology is that the free cash flows are negative in the three years and, therefore, affecting the liquidity position.

The two companies have a positive net profit margin, but United Technology has a negative free cash flow. It is an indicator that the capital expenditures for United Technology are high, which affects the cash flow. They can minimize the rate of investments at the moment so that it does not influence the level of resources the company has.

Investment Opportunities

The growth companies are those who stock have high earnings while value companies are the ones which appear to be undervalued and therefore have the capacity to generate more revenue (Powers, 2010). The two are growth as the earnings per share increase with the increase in the net profit margin.

The best stock to invest is Honeywell as the company has a high earnings per share. The goal of the shareholder is to generate a high return on the investment. When the two Companies are compared, the stock price of Honeywell is small, yet the rate of return is high making it the best for investment. Before making an investment decision, it is important to consult those who have information such as financial advisors who will help you to make an appropriate choice.


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