The process of Entry Compare and Contrast

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In 1892, Ellis Island has historically been one of the most important immigration stations. Until its closure in 1954, it served its purpose. A detailed perspective on migration during this time shows that although the process was not very smooth, the entry into the United States was comparatively simpler than the contemporary process. The location of Ellis between New York and New Jersey helped millions of immigrants travel about. The entry process consisted of identifying people with details on their ship and waiting for medical and legal inspectors in long queues. The immigrants would reach the country once fitness had been decided. According to the, Ellis Island station saw approximately 5000 to 10000 individuals every single day. Out of this number, about 80% successfully crossed over while the remainder were detained for a while.

On the contrary, today’s immigration is unlikely to reach similar figures and success rate by a considerable margin. In fact, the current government under the leadership of President Donald Trump has put in place strict policies which limit even further the number of individuals who can immigrate to America. The experience is one that can be described as fearful and scary. Some specific examples that highlight the complexity of today’s immigration include undergoing medical examinations to ensure the ability to work, interviews to ascertain background and ambitions, and salary situation. There is also an aspect of discrimination based on the country of origin, rejection of entry for medical conditions such as HIV, drug abuse or trachoma among others. Screening through the immigrant court for status determination also leads to refusals for suspected terrorists, prostitutes and people with disabilities.

Preferred Process

Successful entry into the United States is easier in two main ways. The first is the qualification for entry through the presence of existing family ties to an American citizen. This relation translates to one being a spouse, child, parent or sibling to an existing citizen. In this approach, the family member has to petition for one to obtain a Visa. However, approval using this strategy is not always guaranteed. Additionally, some relationships are highly preferred than others. The other method is through employment from a US company. The immigrant must seek labor certification approval from the US labor department. However, this process is quite lengthy and costly, and it is a tactic aimed at increasing skilled labor (US Citizenship).

Based on these two efficient methods, it is better to choose the entry via family ties option. While it is not a 100% guarantee, it cheaper, secure, and the chances are highly increased if an individual possesses desirable traits. Segarra and Johnson, mention that the immigration proposal is founded on the individuals’ characteristics including age, education levels, English skills, Having these capacities coupled with a relevant family member significantly increases chances of being granted access.

Changes in the Current Inspection Process

The current review process is marred with discrimination and stringent processes which can be justified by increased terror activities and economic meltdowns. However, possible changes include the creation of systems and policies that encourage the entry of productive immigrants while at the same time creating a balance in the economy. Also, the United States plays a prominent role in global peace and assistance. For this reason, better ways for allowing refugees to gain a haven are essential. Lastly, ensuring that immigrants do not undergo discriminatory processes that infringe their fundamental human rights goes a long way in ensuring that the immigration process is legal and fair.

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