I. Introduction

I would like to communicate the desires, complaints, and aspirations of the immigrant families residing in the United States on behalf of the migrant farmers and their children. The appropriate parties in authority and pertinent organizations in the nation should prioritize and take into account their aspirations for a higher standard of living and decent educational standards. Historically, the children of immigrants have not been given equal opportunities with the children of the citizens residing in this country as well as other nationalities that heavily rely on immigrant workers.

II. Concerns About Education

It is public knowledge that when many children of immigrants of which some of them could be illegally in the US, may lead denial of chances for the children of Americans whose parents are legal citizens of the land. That is a valid point of concern. An example is the Oklahoma state whose Governor protested of the move to sign an executive order to allow all children of immigrants a right to basic and secondary education. That was attributable to the insufficient resources currently available for the education of the legal children in that state (Drachman, 2006). However, the matter should be looked at not only from the economic point of view but also from the socioeconomic aspect of the immigrant families as well as the impact that kind of empowerment can benefit the country.

III. Ensuring Equal Opportunities

It is also my considered view that every nation or state should have safeguard mechanisms that would keep the number of immigrants under control. The level of benefits they can also enjoy in comparison to the legitimate citizens of that particular state may not necessarily be the same. Having said that, it behoves every one of us to be our brother's keepers. The social fabric of our nation is founded on the spirit of togetherness and showing compassion and magnanimity to those who are of low social class regardless of their place of origin, creed, race or social background. Given the immense contribution that the immigrant workers contribute to the growth and development of the nation, it is therefore incumbent upon every citizen and leader to reward this demographic with descent education and affordable health care system.

IV. Discrimination and Barriers

Additionally, there is also some disturbing statistics from other states such as New York where children from other nationalities were deliberately denied access to the public schools despite the explicit requirement from the New York State constitution. Similarly, whereas such kind of discrimination is out rightly unconstitutional, many districts are continuing to frustrate the students using bureaucratic tactics that are meant to frustrate and lock them out of admission. I would also like to highlight to your attention that most immigrant's children suffer immensely to get social acceptance and other social welfare benefits such as getting driving licences and of course admission to public schools. Other social barriers such as their parents being undocumented has also caused them their right to get funding for admission into college despite the fact that they meet the qualifications. It is therefore clear that the socioeconomic background of the immigrants keeps on denying their children a right to basic things in life.

V. Global Impact and Skills Transfer

However, it is also important that I bring to your attention the global impacts of empowering children of immigrants by acquiring basic education to better their standards of living. By getting empowered educationally, they will be able to acquire white collar jobs which require one to be skilled and knowledgeable. Furthermore, the children will also be able to actively participate in the political and economic activities of the respective countries that they reside by making informed choices. Such choices will not only benefit them on an individual scale, but will also be significant to the entire country especially during the time of elections and other events of national importance.Another significant gain to the children of the immigrants that should be highlighted is that equipping these children with modern education and the right skills, will enable them transfer the same level of expertise to their mother countries. It could make a huge impact globally since most of their parents migrated to the United States in search of better opportunities. That means that their ancestral countries did not give them such opportunities. It could be due to unavailability of economic opportunities in those countries which might be informed by lack of quality education (Erisman, 2007). Therefore, when the children of immigrants get access to the better education elsewhere, they can bring back the skills obtained to their mother countries and make a positive impact.

VI. Proposed Solutions

By conclusion, there a number of solutions and interventions that need to be put in place to alleviate the kind of plight that such children experience. The first intervention should be to carry out a sensitization campaign that would make those in authority to make good laws or implement the already existing laws that allow the children of immigrants to get access to the public schools and all the benefits that other regular students are entitled to. It will create an even playing ground for the students and will ensure no one is discriminated.Another way forward that can change the situation for the better when it comes to assisting the children of the immigrants get access to formal education. There is need to educate the people at the grassroot level to change their perception of immigrants whether they are documented or undocumented. When they embrace the children of these people who are viewed to be of low social status, it will make their children also to start being treated well like other ordinary students. It will create a sense of acceptance.Furthermore, there is also need to grant the immigrants legal status of citizenship. Doing this will enable them to be hired into gainful employment. When they are employed, it means they will earn descent salaries. With the sufficient wages they get, they will be able to pay the school fees required for their kids. They will also be in position to cater for other basic needs for their families (Capps, 2005). That means there will be reduced cases of depression among students from such back grounds. When someone's mind is at peace, they are able to carry out their duties adequately. Their school performance will also improve as a result of better standards of living.Finally, the government should lessen the tight stand of deporting illegal immigrants or those who are not documented. Continuous threats of deportation will create a state of despondency in them and that can affect the performance of their children in school since majority of children do not know how to deal with emotional stress or disturbance. Especially by seeing their parents facing difficult threats of being taken to places they are not willing to go.Yours sincerely,


Drachman, E. (2006). Access to higher education for undocumented students. Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, 18(1), 91-100.

Erisman, W., & Looney, S. (2007). Opening the Door to the American Dream: Increasing Higher Education Access and Success for Immigrants. Institute for Higher Education Policy.

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