The investigation of microorganisms

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The investigation of microorganisms is a crucial step in determining their biological components. When carried out in a laboratory, such an experiment becomes feasible. The purpose of such an investigation is to conduct all experiments involving students’ Body Mass Index (BMI). Conducting a study like this is an excellent way to figure out how much oxygen and blood should be pumped into a living organism’s heart. The dependent and independent variables must be determined to perform such an experiment. The pulse rate associated with a given BMI is the dependent variable in this case. On the other hand, the independent variable is represented by the BMI. The usefulness of these variables is to determine the existing relationship between the BMI and the pulse rate. The assumption is that individuals with a higher pulse rate are associated with an increased body weight. The role of this experiment is to determine whether students with a higher amount of BMI have higher pulse rate compared to those students with normal BMI.

According to studies, the rapid increment in the BMI is associated with cases of adult obesity (Li et al., 2015). The perception is that childhood instances of BMI indicate high chances of developing obese. However, there are no known cases where variability in childhood BMI cases are predictors of obesity. Obesity is categorized as one of the challenges of public health owing to its prevalence. Similarly, there is a high association of increased mortality associated with obesity (Verzani, 2014). The need to prevent the occurrence of obesity would be a breakthrough in addressing the impact of the epidemic.


Observations made from conducting this experiment indicates that students with a high BMI have a higher pulse rate. The reason is that such students are associated with an increased body mass which requires more oxygen and blood. The role of higher amounts of oxygen and blood in the body is to facilitate the process of pumping taking place in the heart.

Average students recorded a mean of 39.32 relating to the appropriate change of pulse rate. A standard deviation of 21.96 was also recorded in the same population. On the other hand, significant observations on obese students were recorded. The average recording was obtained at a mean of 45.31 with a standard deviation of 13.74. Such data was compared between the normal and obese changes observed in the experiment.

The analysis of T-test conducted revealed the presence of a significant difference in the experiment. A T-test of 0.3104 was obtained, a larger amount compared with the normal values of 0.05. Such results proofed the hypothesis that students having a high amount of BMI tend to have higher pulse rate owing to the presence of more body mass. It is the existence of such an increased amount of body weight which makes more amount of oxygen and blood to be pumped.

There was the use of correlation to determine the relationship between ventilation level and pulse rate. It revealed a correlation existing between pulse rate (change) and the ventilation standards among the normal students. It indicated R2=0.04. The value obtained above is a clear indication that there is no correlation which exists between the two variables (pulse rate and ventilation).


Li, S., Chen, W., Sun, D., Fernandez, C., Li, J., Kelly, T., … & Whelton, P. K. (2015). Variability and rapid increase in body mass index during childhood are associated with adult obesity. International journal of epidemiology, 44(6), 1943-1950.

Verzani, J. (2014). Using R for introductory statistics. CRC Press.

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