The Importance of Constructivism in International Relations

The Atlantic System and Washington Consensus which are some of the major alliances that have significantly influenced America's relationships with other regions of the world has faced various challenges, and election of Donald Trump as America's president has led to collapse of the previously mentioned alliances. According to Traub (1), collapse of Atlantic System and Washington Consensus implies that the US will face crises which will adversely affect its political and economic progress. A majority of crises will be due to improper economic operations due to deterioration of relationship between the US and middle east nations, especially Iran. A fall of Atlantic System will also significantly destabilize European nations which depend on favorable relationship between America and other nations (especially Asian countries) to undertake their economic activities (Traub 1). After collapse of Atlantic system, Beijing consensus will replace Washington Consensus because Chinese government has shown interest in taking over opportunities that America leaves. Replacement of Washington Consensus with Beijing Consensus will play a vital role in increasing China's power in controlling international affairs. Besides, China will sufficiently fill gaps America leaves because it has formulated proper policies that will ensure it properly executes its international plans.


Question 2

According to Oltermann and Rankin (1), immigration issues adversely affect international order because of unprecedented increase in asylum seekers in various European nations and hence European leaders have resolved to convene an urgent meeting to formulate strategies for addressing the refugee problem. Through constructivism theory, it is vital that leaders analyze the general impacts of various activities that occur in a society to enhance domestic wellbeing and a proper international relationship between nations, as evident in the case where European leaders intend to meet and discuss on major strategies for solving local and foreign crises such as insecurity which results from immigration.

The second element of constructivism includes causal beliefs which involve focusing on factors that lead to emergence of a particular problem. In the case of immigration into Europe, factors such as conflicts, terrorism and natural disasters such as hunger play a vital role in influencing foreigners to move into regions they perceive to be safe. Therefore, as a way of solving the immigration problem, it is prudent that European Union leader intervenes in solving social, political and economic factors that make people migrate.

Question 3

North Korean relationship with America is also an important current political issue that has significant impacts on international affairs. According to Gearan and Hudson (1), Trump and Kim Jong-un pledged to promote peace by eliminating the various factors that immensely polarize the nations, especially denuclearization of North Korea. An analysis of international relations shows that agreements that the US made with North Korea can be challenging to implement. Maxim postulates that a proper relationship between nations require self-determination whereby countries make their political decisions without undue influence from other nations. However, in the case of America and North Korea, the former will attempt to restrict administrative activities in the latter hence a collapse of the peace agreement. Also, Marxists opine that the world primarily consists of capitalist nations which aim at maximizing the benefits they receive from interacting with other nations. Therefore, in the relationship between America and North Korea, it will be prudent that they benefit economically from one another to avoid a collapse of the agreement.

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