The Immigration Ban Enacted by Donald Trump

The current American president, Donald Trump instituted an immigration ban which would help prevent seven nations, which included: Libya, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Sudan from accessing America (Adam, 2017). Donald Trump argued that these countries were subject to the Arab world and thus acted as a conduit where terrorists posed before unleashing malicious terror attacks on the United States soils. A tweet made by Trump implied how the nation’s security was subject to external threat. Besides, Trump could again reveal about his interest to engage the jury legally. Therefore, on the ninth day of February 2017, the federal bench made up of three judges unanimously forfeited Trump’s ambition of enforcing his travel ban. The panel ruled against President Trump when they gave a suggestion that the ban as suggested by Trump had no intention of extending an advanced form of security.

            The ruling which worked against Trump could then get presented to the American Supreme Court, long after it had become subject to short handing. Meanwhile, a decision based on the 4-4 approach would let the American courts of appeal stick to the decision already determined.  Meanwhile, the American masses, as well as individuals from various parts of the world, argued that the possible enactment of the ban primarily targeted the religion bound to the Muslims. The ban approach by Trump’s had violated America’s first amendment. Still, some people, including Trump’s Republicans considered the banning approach when Trump had already expressed concerns about it (Hae, 2017). However, such a consideration violated the leadership standards which defined how Americans were subject to operate without discrimination in the country. Hence, the manner in which America’s institutions could integrate led to palpable challenges. Many Democrats argued against Trump’s immigration policy while the Republicans had no contagious issues concerning the ban policy proposed by Donald Trump.

            According to the thoughts expressed by ‘The Daily Cardinal,’ it could get revealed how Trump’s policy bound to unleashing an immigration ban against the related Arab nations posed hostility. Most Republicans again considered how Trump’s policy had considerably become outrageous. However, Trump’s adoption of such an infectious ban targeted nations where extreme terrorist activities could get considered as a primary concern. Besides, Trump revealed how the ban would keep off the intake of refugees from the countries which he was subject to banning their immigration. Such a consideration would assist in enhancing the safety of the American citizens. Republicans asserted how the immigration policy required time where it could get reevaluated so that the nation will know the people migrating to America and the possible reasons why they do so.

            Trump lost the case where he had enacted an emphasis as to why an immigration ban was inevitable. However, as much as several political experts thought that there would exist a possible attempt to revert the immigration ban by Trump after the courts worked against his plans in America, it seems that Trump has self-methodologies to execute personal plans.  Meanwhile, the families subject to the immigration ban rejoiced when the airports considered serving them upon the achievement of normalcy and social tranquility (Kelsey, Karoun " Mike, 2017). The American courts had come to the possible rescue of individuals stranded within the vicinity of various worlds’ airports. The courts had forged positivism hence resulting in relief among immigrants.

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