The Human Rights Commission

The Human rights commission is one of the branchesof the United Nation.  It is important to note that human rights are all rights inherent to all human beings in regardless of the sex, race, gender or even community. Based on the reports, the Human rightscommission was commission after the end of the Second World War. It was indicated that it was time that the international community protect the rights of every person in the world. Most of the government were undermining their citizens by depriving them of their rights since it did not benefit them. Since the citizens had no power to protest on such issues, it was important for the international bodies such as the UnitedNationto protectsuchrights. There are various types of human rights and people mustbeable to understand how some of those rightsrelate to them. It is noted that mostofthepeople around the world are deprived of such rightsbecause they are not aware of them. As such, over the years, the united nation has been on the fore front of enlightening the people about their rights as humans. Also, the UN had established the International Criminal courts, in which people who are accused of committing crimes against human rights are charged. In the recent years, many world leaders have been taken to such courts in which theyhave ben sentenced to death. A good example is the former leader of Iraq, Sadaam Hussein, who wassentenced to death after being found guilty of committing crime against humanity.

Cases of Human Right Crisis

According to the United Nation Human rights chatter, every person in the world has the same rights in which they cannot be deprived in any way. Some of the human rights include freedom from unlawful imprisonment, torture or execution. Therefore, every person in the world must enjoy such type of rights irrespective of their race, gender, tribe or even community.  Over the years, there have been a lot of crisis related to human rights (Farmer 67). This is because every country has the sovereign right to formulate rules and regulation that pertains to the people. For example, some countriesdo not observe democracy in which the leader of those countries has total control over the citizens(Shestack 34). In such a case, the leader of such country tends to deprive the citizens from exercising some of their human rights.  The United Nation is body that tend to oversees all the activities that realties to the live so the people. However, the united nation is not given the mandate of invading any nation even if the body feelsthat the citizens of the country are deprived of their rights. Such types of issues make the United Nation to partner with other stakeholders for the purpose of helping those people whose rights are deprived. For example, in 2000, it was noted that the people of Iraq were deprived of their rights.Most of such people were against the dictatorship of their leader, Sadaam Hussein. It was reported that Sadaam was killing any person who did not agree with his form of leadership. As such, the people were living in fear as they could not do anything. In that case, the United Nation accused the leader of Iraq of depriving the citizens of their rights(Farmer 89). Within such period, the United Nation could not invade that country and remove the leader from power since it will be against its chatter. Such type of issues has created a lot of crisis on matters regarding to human rights.  It was noted that the body would not be effective by only identifyingcountriesthat deprive the citizens some oftheir human rights and does not involve itself in stopping such measures.

The rate of conflicts around the world has been on the increased in the recent years. Many people around the world have lost their lives while other flees to mother countries for safety. Such type of issues tends to deprive the people their human rights. One of the major conflicting issues that results to people being deprived their human rights is greed of power. African is one of the continents that iswidely known for such issues in which leader tend to overstay in power for the purpose of benefiting themselves(Farmer 45). In such case, those leaders end up being dictators by killing any person that wants to remove them from power.  Democracy is the aspect in which the citizens of a country are allowed by the law to excise their rights by choosing the type of leaders that they want. In that way, the citizens would elect a person whom they believe would represent their interest better when they from that government(Shestack 34).The human rights acts explain that people should not be deprived their rights of voting. However, so of those leaders tend to misuse their power making the citizens to suffer. In fact, there are been various reports in which people have beenexcused as they tried to cities the government of failing to address the challenges that the people are facing.

The Conflict between Israel and Palestine is one of the documented war crimes in the history.  The two countries have been involved in militaryactions since the 19th century. In that light,millions of people have lost their lives. The Internationalcommunity has tried to formulate an agreement that would bring peace between the two countries without succeeding. It is reported that the United States is one of the main body of the United Nation and yet they are supporting the Israelites. As such, the people from Palestinebelieve that the United Nation cannot be used to bring that peace agreement since they will favor their enemies(Farmer 85). On the other hand, the Israelitesbelieve that the only way of protecting their citizens is through involving in military actions. Over the decades, citizens from both countries have been deprivedtheir human rights. It is noted that the Israelites are likely to shoot and kill any suspected Palestine who isfoundinside the country. The same applies to the Israelites who are found inside Palestine.  Such activities have created human rights crisis since it seems that there is not solution that could be formulated between the two countries(Farmer 67).  The politicalanalysis has argued that the two countries should be left to deal with their misuses since any involvement can result to world war 3. This isbecause the United States is likely to support Israel from any country that is invading it. On the other hand, the countries of Middle East will support the Palestine since it is one of the Muslim countries. Based on such information, it had led to human rights crisis and many people are being killed.

The Pakistan war is another example in which human rights crisis has been observed. It was reported that the country habits some of the most dangerousterrorist groups in the world.  One of those groups is Al-Qaida whose actions have resulted to the death of thousand s of people around the globe.  The terrorist took charge of a certain province in Pakistan that they use it to conduct their evil activities. During that period, the leader of Al-Qaida has taken people into tortureforcing them to join the tourist group(Farmer 34). Those people who refuse to join them are even killed. Such actions are against human rights acts since the people are taken without their will. Based on that, one of the areas that such incidence has resulted to human rights crisis is the fact that the government of Pakistan cannot be able to fight those terrorist groups since they do not possess the right military weapons. On the other hand, the United Nation cannot be able to fight the terroristgroups since they will be invading that country.  It is the responsibilityof the government to ensure that the rights of the citizens are protected. This means that the government of Pakistan has the responsibility of developing new mechanism that would ensure the citizens are not forcefully taken into that tourist groups(Shestack 34).  Over the year, the United States has taken that role to fighting for the rights of the Pakistan by attacking those terrorist groups. As much as they mission in Pakistan has beensuccessful, the terrorist group tend to build itself and attack other parts of the country. Thisshows that the war between the terrorist and the United States is not likely to end any time soon.

International Relation

International relation is one of the most discussed topics in the 21 century. With the issue of globalization, it was reported that countries need to unite for them to conduct trading activities. Also, it was indicated that the only way the fight againstterrorist would be won was through military collaboration. The United States has been on the fore front in the fight againstterrorist in which it has invited othercountries to partner.  It is important to note that international relation is also sued to ensure there is peace surround the war. It is certain that countries might disagree on various policiesespecially the ones that do not benefittheir citizens. In that way, the international relation is used to ensure that such countries enter a mutual agreement that would result to peace. The human right is one of the issues that resulted to developing a better international relation.  Reports have shown that 34% of the countries in the world are involved in conflicting issues with their neighboring nations (Shestack 34). In such case, the people who suffer the most are the innocent citizens who have no power to fight in such wars. International relation is introduced in such case to determine some of the ways that could result to peace agreements. A good example is the Sudan war which has existed for a couple of years. It was noted that the two leaders could not agree on mutual contract due to lack of internationalrelation. The country has isolated itself form the rest of the world for many years. As such, most of the countries are not willing to be involved intheir war as they lack proper internationalrelations with other countries. Only the wiling parties are invited to help the country stabilize.  On the other hand, the United Nation has not been successful in helping the country.

Development of United Nation and Human Rights

The United nation was developed after the end of the Second World War. It was noted that it wasimportantfor the body to be established for the purpose of protecting the rights of every human as well as prevent the occurrence of another war(Risse-Kappen 99). In that light, over the years, the United Nation has established various branches that would ensure the right of people is uphold. It was noted that some of the countries were still led by dictators who were killing innocent citizens.  It was indicated that the United Nation should have its military personnel who will be used for the purpose of peace keeping.  In areas that the United Nation feels that the rights of citizens are deprived, they tend to send some of their troops who will help those people stabilize. However, for the troops to be send in any country, the leader of the government must agree to support such troops to bring peace in that part. One of the major challenges that the United Nation is facing in such case is the fact that some dictators are not willing to be part of the peace keeping mission since they are the course of all the conflicting issues.

Various countries which were members of the United Nationscomplained that the body was not serving its purpose effectively as millions of people around the world were deprived of their human rights. To address such matters, the United Nation decided to form a separate branch that would focus on ensuring equity (Risse-Kappen 99). One of the ways in which the body strategized on achieving its mandate was through establishing the International Criminal court. All members were supposed to be part of the ICC. It was indicated that it would not be right for the United Nation to invade a country without ensuring that justice privilege to the people whose rights are undermined. Since its established, the ICC has sentenced several people to either a certain number of years in jail or death sentence once they are found guilty of undermine human rights. Such move has been very beneficial since it has resulted to the reduction of cases concerning to human rights.


In conclusion, every person in the world is subjected to human rights which cannot be deprived. However, over the years, there have been several human right crises which have hindered the United Nation in carrying out its mandate. Also, there have been severalcases in which human right crisis has resulted to tension among countries. Based on the reports, the United Nation has been on the fore front in ensuring that countries around the world respect the rights of their citizens. As much as there are other super power countries such as Russia which has conflicted with the United States in such issues, the move has seen millions of people freed from editorship. What is more, the International relation has been emphasized over the year for the purpose of helpingcountries build better relationship among them.

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