The Fountainhead by Howard Roark, Gail Wynand, and Atlas Shrugged at the Fountainhead

Howard Roark and Peter Keating

In Howard Roark at the Fountainhead, Peter Keating is an architect. He had given up painting to become an architect because his mother thought that being an architect was more respectable. Peter Keating shows Roark some of his canvases and the artist takes much longer looking at them than is necessary. Roark shakes his head in silent acquiescence as he examines each work. Then, he leaves.

The Influence of The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead was originally published in 1943, and Gary Cooper's portrayal of the architect modeled it after the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. It inspired legions of young people to pursue architecture as a career. Many people today disagree, however, and think that the Fountainhead is a satire on everything that is wrong with architecture.

Gail Wynand's Rise and Fall

Gail Wynand is a powerful newspaper mogul who has risen from poverty in New York to control the New York City print media. Like Roark, Wynand relies on public opinion manipulation to gain power and survive. But her efforts ultimately lead to her downfall. It reminds me of William Randolph Hearst, the creator of the Yellow Papers, who aimed to influence public opinion with his media empire.

Gail Wynand's Characteristics

While Gail Wynand has many characteristics in common with Howard Roark, she is lacking the ferocity of his character. She eventually gives up on his cause, and Dominique leaves him. She also doesn't know that Roark and Dominique are lovers, and is worried that Dominique is cheating on him with Dominique.

The Influence of Frank Lloyd Wright

When he was a young boy, Frank Lloyd Wright and his mother traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Centennial Exhibition, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Anna Wright, a progressive schoolteacher, was sure her son would one day be an architect. The exhibit at the Centennial included wooden blocks in various geometric shapes and 12-inch square sheets of German paper for paper folding. The exhibit was put on by Friedrich Froebel, a German crystallographer and educator.

Furnishings Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Most of the furnishings in the Fountainhead were designed by Wright and are still part of the structure. The architect also designed the dining tables, living couches and lounge chairs, as well as twenty stools and ottomans.

Harold Laski and American Politics

If you're a student of political theory or want to read more about the history of American politics, you might want to pick up Harold Laski at the fountainhead. This half-forgotten political theorist was a Labour Party activist and academic. Laski's books include An Introduction to Politics, The State in Theory and Practice, The American Democracy, Dangers of Obedience, and Studies in Law and Politics.

Background of Harold Laski

Born in Manchester, Laski's family were cotton merchants and members of the Liberal Party. He was close friends with his cousin Anthony Blond. He was educated at the Manchester Grammar School and studied under Karl Pearson for six months. Laski married a gentile, Frida Kerry, and repudiated Judaism. In addition, he was a committed atheist who supported eugenics.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

"Atlas Shrugged at the Fountainhead" is an excellent introduction to Ayn Rand's worldview, which he called "Objectivism." This philosophy embraces views on the nature of existence, politics, art, sex, and so much more. But, it isn't a quick read.

Central Theme of Atlas Shrugged

The central theme of the novel is the idea that a person should not produce any value for themselves. Ayn Rand portrays these people as moochers, who demand others' earnings and resent those who produce value. She also depicts the power of moochers, who use moral right as a cover to steal from the less talented. The novel has been praised by notable figures such as economist Ludwig von Mises, commentator Glenn Beck, and Justice Clarence Thomas. In the 1990s, filmmaker John Aglialoro optioned the film rights for Atlas Shrugged.

The Controversy Surrounding The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is one of the most controversial books ever written. Many have found it to be a polarizing read, with readers labeling it as either a great work of literature or a dark and twisted work of philosophy. Nevertheless, if you're in the mood for an introspective read, the book is well worth checking out.

Themes Explored in The Fountainhead

The novel deals with the issues of individualism versus collectivism, and the moral dilemmas that exist in both. It also discusses the inner workings of men, including their souls and minds. The author attempts to present a suitable man, one who understands and appreciates his or her own self. Rand is an eloquent individual, who loves to use words to express herself and her passion for the craft. Her characters have varying personalities, but they all portray traits of her philosophy and her thoughts on life.

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