The Food Movement in USA

Food and the Disconnect Between Farmers and Consumers

Food has emerged as an element of significant importance in America in the current past, despite the fact that it is of least concerns for a majority of the Americans. A clear look at the food movement, it is evident that whereas food has been an aspect of frequent interest, still there has been a disconnect between the farmers and the consumers. Therefore, uses the food motion as an opportunity to reconnect farmers and consumers to a new and neighborly food.

The Disconnectedness in Food and Farming Systems

Under many instances, farmers and consumers have come to be more disconnected with every party dealing with the different only indirectly; through markets and agents. Such a perspective has introduced a move evident aspect of disconnectedness, most especially in the systems of food and farming. Ideally, a significant majority of the consumers, especially the younger generation are less concerned about the origin of their food. What a majority fail to know is the fact that farming is a means by which life is brought out of the soil (Pollan, 2010).

A New Neighborly Footing for Farmers and Consumers

Based on such a perspective, Pollan (2010) with the identification that connectedness arises from meaningful relationships has used the food movement as an opportunity for putting the farmer-consumer relationship into a more neighborly footing.

With the use of markets, farmers are in a position of setting a new neighborly footing with consumers as the farmers do home deliveries or some customers do pick-ups at the farm, thus increasing the bond between the farmers and consumers. Besides, from the farmers' markets, consumers develop more interest into knowing the source of their foods.

Building Stronger Neighborly Relationships

From the farmers' markets, farmers make new connections with own family and other farmers, an aspect that develops more cooperation rather than completion. Furthermore, through the markets, there is the aspect of pursuance of higher life quality rather than the mere standard living between both the farmers and the consumers, thus enhancing the warm connective relationship. As such, the relationship has proved to be of great benefit for increased connectedness and building of stronger neighborly relationships, while equally increasing the consumers' desire into knowing more that attributes the food they consume.


Pollan, M. (2010). The food movement, rising. The New York Review of Books, pp. 1-11.

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