The Fifth Business by Robertson Davies

The Fifth Business

The fifth business is a novel written by Canadian writer Robertson Davies. It is about the struggles and successes of a family business. While the novel is mostly about the struggles of the women who work in the company, the story can apply to any kind of business. It's a very compelling read, and I highly recommend it.


Dunstan's fifth business is a letter written by Dunstan Ramsey to his former headmaster. Despite its title, the letter is not a traditional letter. Instead, it is a piece of writing that can be classified as a story. It is a fictional account of Dunstan's life.

Dunstan is an orphan, but he knows how to use magic. He has been studying saints for years, and his books have gained him acclaim. One of his books is called "The Miracle of the Virgin of Guadeloupe" and features the life of this saint. However, his most memorable achievement is the moment when he encounters Paul Dempster. The two bond over their mutual love for magic and the magical world.

Dunstan is a famous figure in the history of saints. His piety and faith lead him to become a hagiographer, a man who tries to help the poor. However, he does not share Joel's faith in God.

Mary Dempster

"Mary Dempster, fifth business" by Robertson Davies is a novel about a small-town mom who wants to make it big. The story is about a woman named Mary who becomes the mother of a premature child. She also has a devout Baptist husband. But one night, she and her son wander out to meet a tramp, and the tramp's life is changed forever.

The novel explores themes of guilt and competition as well as the contrast between two characters. The main character, Dunstan, was driven to change his life after meeting Mary Dempster, and his guilt came from his upbringing. The other main character, Percy Boyd Staunton, causes guilt in Mary Dempster because he threw a snowball at her, causing her to go mad. The novel also focuses on the premature birth of Paul Dempster.

Jungian archetypes

The novel Fifth Business by Robertson Davies explores the various archetypes described by Carl Jung. By examining the characters and situations in the story, Davies shows how the different archetypes play a role in shaping a character's behavior. In the book, characters like Liesl, Padre Blazon, Mary Dempster, and the Trickster each embody a specific archetype.

Jungian archetypes are stereotypes that describe a person's unconscious mind. They were created by the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Most archetypes are either the hero or the heroine.

Dunstan's memory

Diana Marfleet is a nurse and a friend of Dunstan's who has lost her fiance in an early war. She is a quick-witted and kind woman. In fact, she is the first woman Dunstan slept with. Her wit makes her attractive, and they begin a sexual relationship. Later, Dunstan learns that the King has awarded him the Victoria Cross for his bravery, and this makes Diana jealous of Dunstan.

Dunstan is not the only character in Fifth Business whose memory fails. The book is filled with powerful symbols that deal with guilt. The stone that shaped Dunstan's life represents guilt, and Dunstan's guilt is embodied in the stone. By giving guilt a tangible form, Davies is able to show its true power and maintain a coherent narrative.

The Manticore

Like its predecessor, The Manticore builds on themes found in its predecessor with a story about a man trying to understand the death of his father. It is an absorbing tale of human nature, a journey through the human condition and the triumph of rationality over emotion. The Manticore is a must-read for fans of the series. It is a thrilling read. It is recommended for adults and young adults.

The Manticore is a fascinating novel, full of adventures and incidents, and a well-developed cast of characters. It picks up where The Fifth Business left off, and is filled with incident and character sketches that are drawn with great skill. In this second installment of the series, David Staunton, the son of a notorious criminal, begins a therapy session with Jungian psychoanalysis. The book also explores the father-son relationship and David's own childhood.

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