Firoozeh Dumas and Cultural Differences

Firoozeh Dumas attests to the reality that cultural differences between various locations can truly be someone's life's Achilles' heel. She was attempting to catch up with American living, including school and friends, after moving here with her family of Iranian immigrants.

The Battle with Her Name

The text focuses on the difficulties she encounters, particularly with regard to her name. She battles to get people to realize that there are other names that the American language must adapt to in addition to the conventional names. The text frequently employs comedy to draw attention to obvious truths. The author speaks to the audience's emotional side. This plan of invoking their emotions to make a point highlights the use of pathos to convince the audience that Americans should do better. Her personal experience as depicted in the text aid in creation of a vivid picture of American stereotyping to the readers leaving them with more questions as to whether or not they a behave in such a manner. One can't help but have sympathy for Firoozeh and their family. Thus, Dumas skillfully wove creativity and pathos having a lasting effect on the reader.

The Struggle to Fit In

The Firoozeh's portrays a picture of an immigrant innocently struggling to fit into the American society despite frustrations. Her character all through her schooling life invokes the reader's admiration. She does not give up easily and even thinks of adopting an American name, very convincing! The question to ask is, "don't Americans see the obvious error of their ways?" Dumas convinces the audience that they should know how to behave towards foreigners, hence ethical concerns of hospitality and genuine welcoming spirit are put to question (Dumas, 2008). It is common knowledge that a name shouldn't be an issue as far as job opportunities are concerned yet it is still happening. A challenge is given on whether American's walk their talk on such issues.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that the text has efficiently focused on a particular subject using very credible means e.g. humor. It is crystal clear that Dumas knew his audience all too well, using humor she invokes laughter yet at the same time passes the message that Americans need to increase the efforts to socially accept foreigners.


Dumas, F. (2008). Funny in Farsi: A memoir of growing up Iranian in America. New York: Random House Trade Paperbacks.

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