The End of the Affair Book Review

The End of the Affair: A Touching Story That Will Move You

The end of the Affair is a touching story that will move you. It will make you care for the characters, and it will make your heart race. This is the mark of a great book. A book that makes you care about the characters is usually a good one. This one is no different.

Graham Greene's Novel

Graham Greene's novel The End of the Affair is one of Greene's best novels, and it is a great read for fans of his work. The ending is especially moving. It will make your heart race! It is the kind of book that makes you care. I'm not talking about the love story, either.

A Complex Story of Love, Adultery, and Religion

At first glance, the story of The End of the Affair may sound like the story of middle-class adultery, but it's far more complex than that. Greene's novel revolves around a single man who has an affair with a married couple. The wife of the husband decides to break up with him for no apparent reason, but the man becomes friendly and considers following her. He then arranges for a follow-up, and the story takes a religious twist.

The Plot Unfolds: 1939-1944

The plot revolves around a series of events that unfold between the years 1939 and 1944. The narrator hires a private detective to spy on his ex-lover. The narrator learns about Sarah's devotion to God from her diary and later begins to question what God actually wants from his life.

Julianne Moore's Performance

Julianne Moore's performance in The End of the Affair is both complex and powerful. Based on a novel by Graham Greene, the film explores the aftermath of a devastating romance. In this role, Moore blends fire and contemplation, discipline and sublimity. In a way, she is a fusion of Athena and Aphrodite.

Notable Roles and Training

Julianne Moore's filmography also includes notable roles in The Hunger Games films, including "Mockingjay - Part 1." Her most recent appearance was in Still Alice, in which she played a linguistics professor with early onset Alzheimer's disease. The actress consulted with Alzheimer's Association patients and spent four months training for the role.

An Expressive Actor on Screen

Moore is one of the most expressive actors onscreen. Her facial muscles seem to move with superhuman precision and her expressions often shock and stick in the audience's mind. She communicates her feelings with her facial expressions but also hides them from others. Her character often tries to hide her feelings from the world around her by putting on an artificial facade of happiness.

Stephen Rea's Performance

Actor Stephen Rea has earned much praise for his portrayal of a cuckolded husband in the 1999 film "The End of the Affair." In the film, Rea plays a photographer who is a victim of a deadly affair. Though he is an Irishman, Rea portrays a character with an unwavering Irish accent.

A Romantic Drama Directed by Neil Jordan

The End of the Affair is a romantic drama film directed by Neil Jordan, based on the 1951 novel by Graham Greene. It was previously adapted into a 1955 film starring Deborah Kerr. It depicts an extramarital affair in the period between World War II and the Great Depression. The movie stars Stephen Rea as a man whose love is unrequited.

Rea's Excellent Performance as the Uninitiated Cuckold

Stephen Rea's performance in The End of the Affair was excellent, especially as the uninitiated cuckold. The actor typically plays understated characters, but his subtlety makes him the perfect choice for Miles. His resigned helplessness was convincing. The film takes its time to unravel but is worth watching if you're looking for a steamy love triangle.

Adaptations: From Novel to Various Media

Although a novel by Graham Greene is autobiographical, it is not a biography of his own life. While the novel is based on events that occurred in his own life, it is in many ways different from these "source events." The novel is a powerful story of love and loss and can be adapted into a variety of media, including television, film, and theater.

Film Adaptations of The End of the Affair

There have been several film adaptations of The End of the Affair. Columbia Pictures produced the 1999 version, directed by Neil Jordan and starring Julianne Moore as Sarah Miles. The film received numerous awards, including a Best Drama Academy Award nomination for Moore.

Characters: Lust, Love, and the Nature of Human Nature

Greene's The End of the Affair is a novel about lust and indiscretion. The protagonist, Maurice Bendrix, is a successful writer in London. He develops a relationship with Sarah Miles, the wife of a prominent figure in the civil service. While the novel focuses on love and desire, Greene also explores themes of religion and the nature of human nature in his writing.

The Transcendent Power of Love

A lock of hair is said to be able to erase emotional and physical scarring. This power is a reflection of a higher love that endures without end, something that resembles religious experience. In other words, Greene evokes the transcendent power of love through religious iconography and references.

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