The Economic Benefits Associated with Florida's Artificial Reefs

The Economic Benefits Associated with Florida's Artificial Reefs,' by Chuck Adams, Bill Lindberg, and John Stevely, was used as the first academic reference. The source is critical because it contains vital information about the project's economic benefits. Furthermore, the article provides an explicit description of the reef project's economic value throughout Florida, specifically in Hernando County. There's also a comparison of the reef's advantages to other counties and states, as well as its economic significance, to the total cost of the project. As a result, perceptions of the impacts and benefits will be created. The following is a quote from the article that exemplifies the concept of pathos: Florida is said to have the most permissive. Moreover, the article gives the explicit description of the economic value of the reef project entirely on the Florida but narrowly to Hernando County. There is also the description of benefits of the reef to other counties and states and economic importance against the cost of an entire project. Hence will give perception concerning effects and the benefits.

The sentence from the article that demonstrates ‘pathos' is ‘Florida reportedly has the most permitted artificial reefs in the nation. Approximately 2,700 artificial reef deployments are in 34 coastal counties in Florida' whereas ‘Reefs are deployed to provide benefits to human users, whether commercial fishermen, recreational anglers, sports divers or others' is the statement that has relevant information according to the article. In paraphrased from the report means most of the benefits that are associated with reefs involves the ones that have the direct impact on humans.

Source 2

The second source is from the article’ Artificial Monitoring in Florida Coastal Counties, Seaman (Seaman, W. (2014). Artificial reef monitoring in Florida coastal counties. The above source gives the means used by the government to check on the artificial reefs. The methods will assist in giving a perception in designing of the maintenance program. It ensures that the reefs are very effective and don’t fail in application. The article involves the measures that have been put in place in the construction. The sentence that includes pathos is ‘The principal purpose of the hundreds of human-made reefs in Florida has been to enhance sports fishing' while ‘In Florida, local initiative is the hallmark in the planning and construction of human-made reefs' is the sentence that relevance to the essay. The quote directly talks about the local purpose of most endeavors has been placed to create artificial reefs.

Source 3

The third source is written by Hine, Evans, and Hernando is titled ‘Effect of Hurricane Elena on Florida's marsh-dominated coast.' The article feeds the background information concerning the requirements of the reefs. Hurricanes have posed a significant threat to reefs. The project will go through the magnitude of storms hence come up with most effective building projects. For the material section, there is the high need for analyzing levels of the past and b able to predict for future disasters. The source dwells mostly on the findings.

The pathos statement is ‘In the past, hurricanes like Elena had minimal impact upon the natural and human structures along the marsh coast.' Whereas most relevant statement says ‘ The northwest Florida coast along the Gulf of Mexico has been recognized for some time as a unique coastal sector primarily due to its relatively low wave energy and dominance by an open-marine marsh system.'It apparently, means that some parts of Florida have been identified as unique due to lower energy waves recorded.

Source 4

The last reference went by the name ‘Techniques for Coastal Restoration and Fishery Enhancement in Florida' and was written by Daruvar, Carlton, Pulver, and Moffler. The latter talks more on the methods that have been used to restore the coast of Florida in the maintenance of fisheries status. The techniques will be applied as maintenance ways of the project. The article will also identify the various ways that will be used to restore the reefs. ‘Sandy

Beaches along most of the Florida coast form a fragile, dynamic system' is the persuading

statement in the article. The relevance of the essay is kept by the sentence ‘Sand transportation by longshore currents is interfered with structures like groins, jetties and reefs' which means that the structures responsible for transportation of sand along the coast include reefs, jetties, and groins.

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