The costs and benefits of world-class universities.

In his book on the costs and advantages of world-class education, Altbach says that if a higher school is to assert worldwide prestige, it must be well-funded. He states that the University of Chicago is a world-class university following a $50 million gift by Rockefeller. He speaks about the high prices of the academic schools that have culminated in the rivalry. The inflation rate has also increased due to the high cost of higher education. He is suggesting to the government to take control of higher education as the inflation rates might be too high to handle, which can greatly affect the citizens.Litten, Larry H. "Marketing higher education: Benefits and risks for the American academic system."Litten speaks about the benefits and risks that the education system has when it is free. He talks about offering good education to all the citizens of the United States. He says that going through the higher education is a risky situation where families pay too much to get the services. The primary risk of higher education is poor graduation rates experienced. He wonders where the students who enroll to colleges go to as the number of those coming out is way less than those that had joined the institutions earlier. He advises that the government takes control of the situation that is going on in the higher education sector. Tinto, Vincent. "Dropout from higher education: A theoretical synthesis of recent research."In this article, school dropouts are explained with the expensive nature of higher education in the US. According to Tinto, there exists the lack of attention paid by the parties concerned such as the government. He blames the theoretical models that only tend to explain but not give the solutions as to why the school dropouts are so common, and more so in the higher education sector. He speaks of the poor economic status of most families as a major cause of school dropouts. The institutions of higher learning have a huge tuition fees that they impose on the citizens. It makes obtaining the education difficult.Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. "Preventing maternal death."The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations suggests that in preventing the maternal deaths that occur, the government must act as the first line of defence. They claim that good funding and social guarantees should be ensured. The board suggests that the government, especially in the United States, should take full control of the health sector. As research shows, most women die due to maternity problems. They are not subjected to good treatment, which causes deaths. The government should fund the whole health sector for such problems to be prevented at early stages and for the solutions to be found.Batalden, Paul B., and Frank Davidoff. "What is “quality improvement” and how can it transform healthcare?"Batalden and Davidoff speak of how the health sector can be improved and what transformation should be done. They offer various ways in which quality can be assured in the health sector. For the health sector to transform, the government in place should be ready to take the responsibility of taking care of its citizens. They should ensure that quality services are offered to the patients and that the patients get the right medication. The authors believe the government should fund the drugs and medical equipment supply. Some of the drugs are expensive and are not affordable for the middle-class and the low-income families. The researchers would like the government to face full responsibility of taking care of its citizens.Elwyn, Glyn, et al. "Developing a quality criteria framework for patient decision aids: online international Delphi consensus process."Elwyn suggests that governmental institutions should come out clear and aid in maintaining the health sector. The government should have clear and quality criteria and framework so as to aid in the patients’ decisions. He says that decision aid is of much more importance than the standard counseling that is always done. The benefits of the decision aid to patients are that it improves the patients' knowledge and expectations concerning particular treatment and other processes. He feels the government should support such ideas. Thus the government has a role to play in the patients’ decision making.

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