the conservation of species

According to the Project 1 table, Bird Analysis reveals the diversity indices of the species numbers and the heterogeneity of their distributions in the population under investigation. The graph depicts the accumulated species count against the sample, with all bird species recording an increasing cumulative quantity. Punta Gorda was the most common, followed by Cockscomb, Belmopan, and Gallon Jug.

Assessing the diversity indices of the four groups of birds

Based on Taxa, Individuals, Dominance, Shannon, and Equitability, as seen in table 1, reveals that Punta Cockscomb is the most dominant, followed by Punta Gorda, Belmopan, and lastly Gallon Jug. This table gives a clear view of the types of perspectives of diversities exhibited by the various bird types under study.

The vegetation and land use categories of the four species of under study also show various characteristics as demonstrated in the pie charts in veg analysis. It is important to note that Cockscomb seems to exhibit a more diverse use of the land and vegetation followed by Belmopan, Punta Gorda, and lastly Gallon Jug.

In the second pictures representing pie charts on specific land acquisition for conservation purposes, Gallon will lose most of its land for habitation followed by Punta Gorda, Cockscomb, and lastly Belmopan.


Above is an analysis of the chances of survival of the different types of birds under study. This section will give a clear and concise discussion of the above outcomes and explain how this would impact the survival of each species in the area of focus. It is important to note that the rankings of the organisms being studied concerning their survival is based on the specific metrics listed in the results section above. The species are exposed to higher risks of extinction in the case would be recommended for the intervention of conservation to ensure the survival (Macleod, Herzog, Maccormick & Evans, 2011).

First, species that are less diversified in the case above should be considered for conservation. Species diversification helps them to survive since according to the rule of survival, they are easily adaptable to changes in the environment based on their diversified characteristics. In this case, therefore, Gallon Jug would be recommended for conservation since they are less diversified.

Secondly, the number of species in the area under study would also determine the ranking of survival (Peet, 1975). A higher number would, therefore, imply a higher population of the species in the community and this might, therefore, improve their chances of survival. Based on this assumption, therefore, Gallon Jug would also be considered for conservation followed by Punta Gorda, Belmopan, and lastly, Cockscomb.

The diversity of the species and vegetation use would also boost an organism's chances of survival implying that Gallon Jug would also have little chances of survival since it has a less diversified vegetation and land use.

This paper will, therefore, recommend that following ranking based on the factors discussed above, Gallon Jug should be given priority in the conservation strategy, followed by Punta Gorda, Cockscomb, and lastly, Belmopan. However, it would be important to conduct further research to establish how the size of land parcel reclaimed for conservation can also affect the ranking of the survival of the four species listed above.


O'Dea, N., Watson, J.E., & Whittaker, R.J. (2004). Rapid assessment in conservation research: a critique of avifaunal assessment techniques illustrated by Ecuadorian and Madagascan case study data. Diversity and Distributions, 10(1), 55-63.

Peet, R.K. (1975). Relative diversity indices. Ecology, 56(2), 496-498.

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