The Canadian identity

The Origins of the Canadian Identity

The distinctive qualities, culture, and circumstances that one associates with being a Canadian are referred to as the Canadian identity. Additionally, it contains the words and images that distinguish Canadians from citizens of other nations. The origins of the Canadian identity can be found in the early 17th century. The culture that gave rise to the Canadian identity has evolved since the 16th through the 19th centuries (Sjolander 157).

The Creation of Canadian Art and Culture

The art and culture that Canadians today recognize were created by the early colonists and explorers who came to the continent. The laws and values that guide Canadians are part of the identity; basic models were designed to ensure that the individual who came from different places lived well and with harmony.

The Development of Canadian Identity

There were two groups the French – Canadians and the British – Canadians who had both settled in the country. They had to develop an identity that was to identify them as Canadians, the culture was maintained to date. The regime principle of liberty makes it possible for all people to have a sense of belonging. For instance, people are allowed to choose their leaders democratically through voting; they are also listened to when decisions are being made. In the Canadian identity, several principles that guide the way of life of people are well outlined. The regime principle of Liberty is well represented in the Canadian identity. Most of the packages in Canada are now packaged in English and French; this is in a bid to make everyone feel that is involved in the country's affairs. English and French have been selected as the official languages in the country. As outlined in the Canadian identity, both the French and English settlers were to have equal rights and have similar presentations. For some time French was not used as an official language, however, the leaders in the country have done their best over the past few years in ensuring that the French feel represented (Sjolander 154). Most of the Prime Ministers have been from Quebec Province; this has made it easier in integration of these two cultures – the French and English. This regime principle in the Canadian identity means that the government stands for all people. A government of each by each. The Canadian identity also presents a government that is chosen by all people. A democratic system is used to select the leaders of the country. Such a system means that all the Canadians have a right to choose the leaders who govern them. The Canadian culture allows for the people to choose their leaders democratically through voting. Earlier, they adopted the British system of government. People from different parts were allowed to vote and elect their leaders. At some point, individuals with the Germany and Ukraine origin were not allowed to vote. They were even put in concentrated camps. However, this ban was lifted after a short while allowing people to practice their right. This shows that the Canadian identity allows the regime liberty.


Sjolander, Claire Turenne. “Through the looking glass: Canadian identity and the War of 1812.” International Journal 69.2 (2014): 152-167.

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