The Arabs coming to Africa

The Arabs' arrival in Africa sparked trade, with Swahili merchants opening up Africa to the rest of the world. Because Islam was a common religion among the traders, it also fostered [Tautology/rewrite] trust in business transactions and the abolition of slavery in Africa. The carvings on the stone slab are important because they can be read readily and serve as a repository for people's historical knowledge. The video contains images and artifacts that show towns and cities that were constructed by Africans during that time period, providing sufficient proof for the claims made in the video about the existence of foreigners in Africa.

Africans' forgetfulness of the past is blamed on the presence of foreigners [Bad expression/rewrite] moving into Africa and influencing their day to day activities making their ways to be forgotten [Bad expression/rewrite] over time. The question brought to the forefront is whether there was a lost white tribe in Africa and if so the evidence to support that the white tribe lived along the Africans [Unclear/bad structure/rewrite]. Cultural or historical vandalism is action involving deliberate destruction of [Unclear/rewrite] or damage to a given peoples history or cultural making it be forgotten [Bad expression/rewrite] to the upcoming generations who will experience the new culture.

Archeology and social sciences can be relied upon to bring out the truth since it depends [Unclear/rewrite] on the evidence left from the given history to make decisions that are not far from the truth [Bad expression/rewrite]. The video implies that all history [Bad expression/rewrite] is important and that no history [Tautology/rewrite] or culture should be vandalized [Bad expression/rewrite]. The trade between Arabs and the Swahili shows how trade [Tautology/rewrite] brings people together from different background just as it in the current world. The history of the African people before the coming of foreigners and how their coming affected the continent this shows the need of historic preservation [Bad expression/rewrite].

[What specific references or relevance to your area of specialization do you find in the film? ( Economics, Politics, Society, Religion, Arts and letter, Popular culture)/specify]

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