The American Samoa Gender Dance: Patriarchal Society

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Today’s lecture concentrated on American Samoa, its beliefs and customs. Despite the fact that both are American communities, it was all about the community led by men and how it varies from ours. The lesson considered the way dance is defined by culture and how the latter represents us.
How we interpret it and vice versa is the aim of the dance, following the lecture notes. The quote under analysis was to explain culture and its dance. Nevertheless, to truly understand it, one had to see the individual first. If you do not understand your dance and the meaning it holds, it is almost impossible to fully comprehend the culture of a person. The dance indicates the society’s insights and lifestyle. Thus, to perceive other community’s traditions one should follow the people.

We learned a lot about the Samoans in the lecture. First, the Samoan men, adhering to their tradition, were responsible for cooking and preparing dinner. Second, they used to have two meals a day, at midmorning and early evening. Third, men ate while seated on the mats on the floor. Furthermore, the elders and visitors or guests were served first, while the women and children ate later.

The insufficient consideration regarding disease prevention in the Samoa community and its way of life, which can reduce the number of cancer diagnosis cases, impacted me the most during the lecture.

I reflected on a Samoan child who leaves the community to study in America. I assume family support is essential for such a student. Growing in your society helps one to find support and role models for mentoring purposes. According to the Samoans, if a child rebels against the family, its members are not to accept it. Therefore, the migrating youngster chooses to live respecting their norms and culture, despite being in a new environment. Such kids struggle to live in both communities.

The lecture taught us in details about the culture and traditions of the Samoan people.

Today’s discussion was important as we learned about the essential components of Samoans life which are faith, music, and family. The three elements are translated in their dancing, which aims to sustain and protect traditions despite the evolution of time trying to change things.

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