The Age of Innocence: Book Review

In the 1920s, Edith Wharton's novel, The Age of Innocence

was published as a serial in the Pictorial Review magazine. It was subsequently published as a book by D. Appleton & Company. Despite its controversial subject, The Age of Innocence remains a popular book today.

Newland Archer

Newland is an emotionally unstable, impulsive young man who is easily influenced by his surroundings. His lack of self-awareness also limits his ability to understand his own motivations. He isn't even aware of the feelings he has for Ellen until his actions make them obvious.

The novel centers around a young lawyer, Newland Archer

who is torn between marrying Ellen Olenska, his cousin and a member of the upper-class society. The society surrounding Archer has predetermined his fate, and he feels misplaced and out of place as the world he's known approaches change.

Archer is destined to follow his class interests

He dreads marriage because it represents an unrequited association of material and social interests. In the novel, he uses Ellen as a mirror for his own self-centeredness. Although he has no physical desire for her, he does know how to have sex. This may be the reason why he pushed her away in the middle of passionate kissing.

Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton's novel "Age of Innocence" has acquired a new vitality in the 21st century. The Gilded Age seems to be resurfacing as a diverse society is subjected to the nightmarish conventions of the one percent. Since the early 2000s, the social mores of the rich have become a recurring topic in American political and popular culture. In this novel, Wharton demonstrates how the plight of the underprivileged can lead to a social rebuke of those who are different.

Although many critics regard "Age of Innocence" as a purely superficial novel

some scholars have tried to establish the novel's broader meaning. This book was written in the aftermath of World War I, and Wharton was living in Paris at the time. She also served as the director of the American Hostels for Refugees, which provided housing, food, and care for refugees.

Martin Scorsese

The Age of Innocence is a period drama directed by Martin Scorsese. The movie is a study of an individual who suffers from constraints. It is a very visual film, and Scorsese has a strong sense of aesthetics.

Set in the early Gilded Age of New York in the 1870s, The Age of Innocence

offers a portrait of the free world in America, tethered by tradition and unwritten customs. Pfeiffer's character, Ellen, is unafraid to express her opinion, but she's unaware of the impact. Ellen returns home from Europe to escape an emotionally abusive marriage. When she meets Day-Lewis's Newland Archer, she feels an instant attraction.

Martin Scorsese's re-telling of Visconti's classic tale is an extraordinary achievement

The cast is excellent. Daniel Day Lewis portrays the title character with great emotion, and Winona Ryder and Michelle Pfeiffer are at the height of their careers.


In May is the Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, the world is a different place from what it was only a few decades ago. The novel was written immediately following World War I, when old customs and systems of belief fell apart. This novel focuses on the decay of the gilded age, and explores the tension between order and chaos in a society. It is an excellent book for students who want to see a glimpse of a different time.

As Newland and Ellen get to know each other

Newland is constantly pressured by May's family to support Ellen and their relationship. This causes Newland to be unable to develop a romantic relationship with Ellen.

Ellen Olenska

The novel 'The Age of Innocence' by Ellen Olenska follows the lives of two female main characters, May Welland and Ellen Olenska, both of whom appear in the same social class in 19th-century New York. Although both women have similar qualities, they differ from one another and, as such, represent changes in society.

Ellen has a different outlook on life

and does not follow the conventional paths set out by the society. She is more human and does not fit in the system of New York society. In contrast to her Countess, she is more realistic and does not fall for the same falsehood that her family tries to instill in her.

Although The Age of Innocence is an important work of literature

it also has a darker side. This book reflects the fading tradition of big novels, which explores the relationship between the United States and Europe. In this way, it explores the relationship between the two nations and how it affects intellectual life.

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