The Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act and Views

Affordable Care Act is the universal health care reform law introduced in March 2010, popularly known as Obamacare, which aims at making affordable health insurance more Americans available, extending the Medicaid program to include all adults living below federal poverty and promoting creative treatment approaches designed to minimize healing costs. What are my views on the Act?

Since the bill was enacted in March 2010 the citizen of United States have remained divided regarding the health reform law, findings indicate that six years after the law was passed Americans are still divided not only on the opinions they have about the health care law but also in their perceptions of how the Act is affecting different segments. Nevertheless, my views on the Act are favourable, the fact that the Affordable care Act ensures that the number of Americans without health insurance keeps reducing and so far is at the lowest rate in the history of America.

Should Affordable Care Act be Repealed, Stay as Is or Modified?

Much as the Affordable Care Act has been objected politically and by some individual misconceptions, the bill's provisions stand to benefit a greater part of the American people. In my opinion the Act should not be repealed and should stay as it is, here are some of the vital provisions of the Affordable Care Act and why they are significant in the health care of the citizens of the United States;

Essential Health Services

The Affordable Care Act requires every health Insurance plan to cover at least ten categories of health services, they include; outpatient and inpatient health care, hospitalization, pregnancy and childbirth, emergency services, prescription drug coverage, paediatric oral and vision care, mental health and substance abuse disorders, lab services, rehabilitation services, preventive and wellness services. The plan can cover more categories but must include the above basic services, it is worth noting that before the ACA was enacted health care plans did not cover all these categories of health services, individuals had to cover extra costs out of their pocket which was very expensive; thus the Act should not be repealed or modified.

No More Lifetime Limits on Coverage

The second most important aspect is that the Affordable Care Act scrapped the limits placed on lifetime coverage for kids and adults in 2010 and 2014 respectively, prior to the passage of the bill many insurance firms had caps on the limit they would pay for one's lifetime health care costs. The ACA banned the capping clause since coverage limits affect every American, whether they are covered by the employer or they have private insurance cover.

Have You or Anyone You Know Benefited from the Act?

The Affordable Care Act has come with a lot of benefits for me and my family, the first being lower health care costs. The initial insurance cover we had taken was costly, the premiums were often revised upwards and without or at short notice; the ACA has lowered costs making health insurance affordable for my family. The categories covered under Obamacare are an upwards of up to ten, the initial health plan required us to pay more to get other categories covered by the health insurance.

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