The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

If you've ever wanted to read about a boy growing up on the Mississippi River, you may want to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

This 1876 novel is about a boy growing up in the 1840s in a small town along the river. The town is based on Hannibal, Missouri, and is called St. Petersburg in the novel.

Mark Twain

In the 1876 novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain explores the life of a boy growing up along the Mississippi River. The novel is set in the 1840s in Hannibal, Missouri, and is based on a real town.

The plot is episodic, and the characters develop through a series of events. The story follows Tom and Huck from carefree childhood behavior to the responsibilities of young adulthood. The novel also deals with a murder and a spelunking expedition, which are atypical for children in this period.

Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer is a classic American adventure novel about two brothers who find themselves in different situations. One of the characters, Tom Sawyer, has a lifelong obsession with villains and heroes, and he spends his free time organizing robberies and gangs in his neighborhood. The other character, Huck, has a much different life story. His father is an alcoholic, and all the family money is spent on his habit. Huck, however, has a hidden cache of $6000 that he can use to buy liquor and cigarettes. He is taken in by Widow Douglas, who is trying to "civilize" him by buying him nice clothes and getting him to attend school on a regular basis.

When they arrive in St. Petersburg, Tom and Huckleberry are sent to bed early, but they are awakened at eleven. They are wearing the clothes that Aunt Sally has given them. They are a social outcast in St. Petersburg, but they are determined to make something of themselves. One of them, Huckleberry, discovers a cache of twelve thousand dollars in gold coins. The duke and the king are about to visit it, and Huckleberry sneaks out to warn them. Fortunately, he is able to save Widow Douglas from a criminal called Injun Joe.

Becky Thatcher

Becky Thatcher is the love interest of Tom Sawyer. She has long blonde hair in braids. When Tom first meets her, he is completely enamored with her and starts acting crazy. The relationship between Tom and Becky is hot and cold, but Becky has a soft side and will cry when Tom gets lost in a cave.

Becky is very beautiful, but she is also very proud and jealous. Despite being jealous, she appreciates Tom's devotion to her. When they are lost in a cave, she changes a lot. She trusts Tom and doesn't blame him. She is also courageous during the time of danger.

Finding buried treasure

In "Tom Sawyer's Adventures," we learn that Tom is fascinated by the idea of buried treasure and goes on a treasure hunt. Tom meets a boy named Huck Finn, and together they plan to find the treasure. They talk about different types of loot, like diamonds, and possible locations to find it. They also talk about dead-limbed trees that might hide treasure. However, buried treasure is not always easy to find.

When the boys fail to find the treasure, they begin to suspect that there is a ghost nearby. The boys agree to return to the haunted house the following day. However, Huck believes it will be a risky move, so they leave without finding any treasure.

Huck's relationship with Aunt Polly

Aunt Polly is an important character in the novel, Tom Sawyer. She is the aunt of Tom and Sid, and tries to raise Tom in the correct manner. However, Tom is a very high energy boy and Aunt Polly finds raising him to be a challenging task. Although Tom and Polly were once best friends, Tom's jealousy of Polly's love for reading led to the two boys becoming estranged, and eventually causing them to burn Polly's books.

Huck and Tom have very different values. Tom is simple-minded and selfish, and he is always looking for an adventure. In contrast, Huck is more appreciative and shows respect for others. He learns about the importance of respect and being grateful to others.

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