The Advantage of Corporate Culture

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Part 1

It serves as a conduct engine focused on the positive impact associated with the company’s corporate culture in a competitive company. The leadership of a company tends to be a dominant coalition that is heavily affected by the culture of a company. In the other hand the corporate culture reflects this and motivates employee negative outcomes in situations where management contradicts itself (Wheelen et al., 2015). By practicing induction and training content, companies will deal with various corporate cultures in mergers and acquisitions. the approach enables workers to learn and comprehend the new organizational protocols, and as a result, generate the needed outcome.
Value chain analysis identifies the chain lines of the firm from each of their commodities and decides whether it’s one of their weaknesses or strengths. It further examines the connection between the lines’ value chains. Furthermore, value chain also examines the potential synergies among the value chains of different product lines. Essentially, the mentioned relevance of the value chain analysis can be utilized to assist a firm be more competitive (Wheelen et al., 2015).

The core competencies of Tesla Motors are that it is a low cost organization with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The resources utilized by the organization are its workers and quick turn-around time. The organization also consists of low maintenance cost, thus an indication that it is capable of getting low cost on fuels (Birk, 2015). Essentially, the firm is able to offer aggressive pricing while making profits in the market.

VRIO framework can be utilized to evaluate a firm’s competitiveness as it assesses the situation inside a firm. The VRIO tool can further be utilized to evaluate the firm’s internal resources and capabilities to find out if they can be sources sustained competitive advantage. Therefore, a firm’s past performance would permit a firm attain a sustainable advantage over its competitors as they are aware of their performance (Wheelen et al., 2015). Essentially, a firm is able to know its strengths and weaknesses, hence made aware of their strengths on the market.

Part 2

Tesla Motor is an American automaker and energy storage organization with innovations all while offering global product support and service to its market. The organization is in the position to generate instant torque, incredible power and zero emissions to its clients. The instigation here is that Tesla is not just an automaker, but also a technology and design with the objective on energy innovations (Birk, 2015). The organizations commitment to excellence reflects its relevance on the market. The firm is looked at as a market leader in motor industry, expeditionary systems and other forms of transportation. The firm offers a firm competitive advantage over its competitors as it offers manufactures and services the world’s finest business transport sector. Based on the fact that the firm undertakes their engineering and researching, positive results are attained in the process. Furthermore, the organization undertakes their manufacturing, completions, sales and designs of its end products (Birk, 2015). The process of product support instigated to the organization portrays that it is one of the motor firms in the world with the best services and motor products in the global world. Fundamentally, the services offered by Tesla are essential as they tend to offer the organization the best competitive advantage in the market.


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