Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Factors Influencing Development and Economics

There must be certain factors that influence the development and economics of each given country. Nuclear weapons, for example, can generate a deadly explosion. This is due to the fact that when they detonate, they emit an extremely strong bomb due to the fission of uranium atoms, which have a high energy. As a result, one of the most troubling aspects of the international nuclear smuggling network is how ineffective the nuclear nonproliferation regime has been in exposing and disrupting the network's operation. The khan network therefore has caused a lot of destruction in an effort of aiming at stopping the spread of the nuclear weapons to the nations like U.S security and the international peace and stability (Zittrain, 2008). Therefore, due to these challenges the department concerned has come with ways of stopping these obstacles by forming a body which will come up with the ways in which it will deal with the challenges. By doing so, they will prevent the future occurrence of the international networks like the Khan network. This major destructions and disagreement was brought due to the corruption and dishonesty between the countries. They therefore came up with the following solutions for future prevention.

Solutions for Future Prevention

It was proposed that a broad strategy to be created and reenergized and strengthened in order to improve both domestic and international nonproliferation efforts. This is because if they do so they will ensure that all the attacking's made are taken care of by the soldiers set at various corners of the state. It will also improve the society's likelihood of detecting illicit transactions and the exchange of the nuclear related materials. Secondly, they need to strengthen the governing proliferation with the legal framework. This can be done in particular through a UN Security Council resolution which requires criminalizing proliferation export controls. They also need to be careful and implement strict measures that are strict when exports are made. Especially when exporting sensitive materials to other nations (Howard, 2013).

Securing Nuclear Materials and Implementing Protocols

For instance, they need to secure nuclear materials in the former Soviet Union and other states. If this is done it prevents the incoming weapons that are harmful and dangerous to the state. They also need secure and deny the reprocessing of the technology to any state that happened to have possessed them. If they know they will look for tactics of eliminating you from the state since they have understood all your tactics and prevention technics. Thirdly, they need to have protocol as a necessity condition which needs to guide them on how they will supply the equipment and materials for the civilian nuclear programs. In addition, they also have to implement the IAEA to improve its capability to enforce states' obligations and have an advanced safeguard. If they state has guys who understand their responsibilities and duties it will not have problem with this habit of terrorism since they do play their roles effectively and efficiently. Ideally, if the state performs that above obligations and duties effectively with each and every member playing his/her role we will have no chaos in the community. There will be no network connections and communications which will trespass from one state to another bringing fulfillment of the secrets of one state hence creation of war. They therefore need to implement and educate guys that with secrecy and literacy a country will stand and develop more than it expected. Also, the government needs to listen to advises that are given by the advisors so that they can make the right choice for the better stay of the citizens in the state (Cordesman, 2002).

Impact of Radiological Bombs and Radiation

Basically, when we experience the explosion of the radiological bomb it affects and damages the environment both positively and negatively. Therefore, it brings a great impact to the health care of individuals. This is evidenced when radioactive materials and the radiological effects happen since they majorly depend on the weapon's radiological attributes. The type of radiations emitted can affect the human tissues since some of the radiations do penetrate through the tissue cells creating a destructive effect on the body.

Dangerous Effects of Radiation

For instance, alpha radiations are inherently more damaging to the living cells. This is because the do cause a double strand DNA to break hence the multiply sites are damaged since it is difficult to repair it than a single DNA strand. Some radiations are very strong up to an extent where once they are exposed and inhaled they cause an attack of cancer epidemics of a person. Once radiological attack has happened in a state it brings a major contamination of people which increases cost of clearing it up since it only affects those areas which are closer to the production regions. When ionizing radiation interacts with organisms it creates ion pairs within living cells.

Impact on DNA and Risk of Cancer

Finally, these ions go to damage the DNA strand which can cause a major effect if not repaired early. It will lead to mutations if not repaired correctly and even the coding of the genome is affected. Also, as radiation dose increases it increases the risk of cancer to human beings. On contrary the radioactive radiations are of great significance to our lives since they help in examining an individual who has been fractured and needs treatment. This seen which an x-ray has been taken showing the areas where you have been wounded.


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