Ten-Minute Play competition

Along with this please find THE Urge, the submission of my ten minutes play to your contest. The novel, written as a drama, has two female characters and a male character, needs different costumes for different characters, one of the requirements for a house in the middle class. THE DESIRE is a story of two life-widrigger sisters, the good sister has a husband who knows very well that the other sister is evil that the good sister does not know. This makes her an excellent candidate for the competition because it is a portrayal of what goes on in our daily lives and many things going on around people that they do not know about. The audiences will be intrigued by The Desire because, it presents family issues in a dramatic and interesting way, it shows how siblings can keep secrets from each other and the drama has been presented in a realistic way with appropriate costumes depicting the person’s character. I have an insightful background that has given me plausible plenty ideas on how to write an effective play, I choose to write this play because it is one of the interesting genres the audiences love and unique because as opposed to dramas that involve sibling rivalry, the play presents it in a different way.Thank you for your considerations, you can contact me through my email address for any further clarifications. (Student’s email address) Looking forward to hear from you, [STUDENT FULL NAME] CHARACTERSGregory “Greg” Sage, early 30sRhoda Mullocks, early 30s, Greg’s wifeRahab Mullocks, late 20s, Rhoda’s sister.LOCATIONThe sitting room of Greg and Rhoda Sage. LondonTIMEPresent day.[Low music plays as Rhoda rests her head on Greg’s lap, they just finished their afternoon snack. A message pops into Rhoda’s phone and she seems surprised, Greg lowers his face to look at Rhoda’s text.]GREG: What is it, whose text is that?RHODA: It is RAHAB, she is coming over. GREG: (surprised) your sister? Did you know about this? RHODA: Of course not, I didn’t even know she was in town. GREG: well what do you expect (goes back to his phone) RHODA: (sitting upright and facing her husband) what do you mean?GREG: it is your sister, you know how I feel about her, and soon you will believe what I tell you.RHODA: (walking towards the kitchen) it doesn’t matter, please get along this time it won’t kill you honey; besides am sure she won’t be here for long. Let me prepare something.GREG: whatever you say lady boss but she better understand that this is my house[there is a knock at the door, Greg tries to go for it but Rhoda is already there. She opens the door to her beautiful younger sister. She finds nothing more than she expect]RHODA: (running to hug her sister) RAHAB! RAHAB! RAHAB! RAHAB: (hugging her back) RHODA dearest! Let me look at you, turn around! Wait is this where you live? Like the whole house? Where am I supposed to stay? Away from that I know I could call MITCH, did I tell you about MITCH the billionaire? Never mind, where were we…..now turn around, we need to work on that belly I don’t like it, are you pregnant? Tell me you are not pregnant!RHODA: RAHAB! Calm down. Come on in you haven’t told me how and where you have been.RAHAB: (whispering) is your husband in? I don’t like him you know, I have never known how you keep up with an Irish man!RHODA: yes he is and stop whining, he is my husband and I chose to live a life unlike you who decided to throw everything away for……….let’s not start with that. Come on in sweetheart feel at home (walks back to the kitchen).RAHAB: (whispering to herself) more like feel at a cave! (Sees Greg) and here is my brother-in-law dearest, God knows how much I have missed you, I know you haven’t missed me a bit but am not complainingGREG: (holding her hand tight) cut the crap silly, what do you want?RAHAB: what? I came to look after my sister, look at her! She looks like a bag of potatoes, and you…..more like…and the house, the neighborhood and everything!GREG: thanks to you, my sweet girl (RHODA) had to leave the penthouse your parents left you with because she wants the best for you, and what do you do; you turn it into a brothel!! (RHODA hears everything but remains silent)RAHAB: that’s if it exists anymoreGREG: (moving closer to her) I knew it, I knew it! Where is the money? Where are the papers! All these jewels? I know you were in Paris this weekend little lying evil princess!!RHODA: (appearing from the kitchen holding her head) are all these true RAHAB?RAHAB: sister dearest I can…………….

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