“Technology & Young Children” Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a description of an entry that provides some background information about what is going on. The aim of this annotation is to provide an overview of how adolescent and adult literacy are used. Summarization is supposed to provide simple ideas on any source (Clement, 1998). The sources’ content should be reflected in the way the ideas are presented.
On the cusp of cyberspace: Teens’ use of online text in communication, Berg, M.A.
485–493 in Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 54(7).
The article examines how computer education is used with young children in a segment. The research was carried out in Midwestern in a public library, and this was seen to serve a diverse population with about SES population. The article gives clear information on the adolescent live conversation (Berg, 2011). The research came up to a conclusion that texts are used in five different ways. These methods include expression, instrument, reference and authority. Adolescent and adult literacy are expressed in many respects through text (Berg, 2011).

Below is the original paragraph:

Authority is one of the claims. It is very evident that cyberspace on the live conversation of adolescent and also around computers on young adults serve SES population (Clement, 1998). The discussion relies upon the class teachings. The area also deals more with teen’s literacy and practices that are carried out in the computer library.

There is the claim of expression. Teen expressions on computers and live conversation are very clear and direct. Teen use communication especially texts to express the disturbing ideas (Berg, 2011). Through this, there is a measure that an individual teen can carry out a certain task well without complications (Berg, 2011). The second claim is openness where a teen can use a computer to pass information of what might be disturbing him or her. It is an easy way to express feeling and give vital information (Clement, 1998).

In conclusion, it is recommendable to enhance excellent computer skills that will improve teens to pass their ideas freely and with ease (Jackson, Witt, Games, Fitzgerald, Eye, & Zhao, 2012). Computer and live communication call for cooperation to enhance the good relationship between teens and adults. We see on Drama how an adolescent and adults literacy is applied in different areas of our live. “Different teens have different ways of expressing themselves to the adults” (Clement, 1998).


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Information technology use and creativity: Findings from the Children and Technology Project. Computers in human behavior, 28(2), 370-376.

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