Technological advancements in healthcare

In the context of technological advances in healthcare

Built shortly, the video is well conveyed. The video's central concept depicts a better understanding of health complications through efficient medical engineering to maintain human prosperity and well-being. The video begins with morning sunlight and a jogging woman who appears to be in good shape due to her figure and vigor. The video attempts to depict the rising sun of medical technological advancements that will elevate human health to new heights.

Medical assistance at the touch of a button

Medical assistance will be available at the touch of a button. With a strong focus on the patient, technical intervention in healthcare facilities will make disease access and treatment more accessible. The technological intervention in healthcare facility would ease out the access and treatment of the diseases with a strong focus on the well-being of the patient. As evident from the video, the information of the patient is well assessed by the devices duly available to the concerned doctor. The innovations would facilitate further research and allow collaborating effort of doctors and medical professionals from around the world. Advancing medical engineering along with innovative infrastructure in the hospitals would help the healthcare facilities become better and provide high-quality assistance to the clients. Such progressions would create a supportive platform for better understanding of the diseases to offer better treatment. Microsoft tries to reveal its potential to ease out the contemporary medical crisis through technological novelties that is very conspicuous around the world. To get any kind of help people would just have to press one button, so medical facilities would be accessed simply by using of fingertips. (252)

Potential risks and challenges

Better understanding of health issues and use of technology would offer a vital stand for better developments. Making the medical facilities technology assisted have some associated risks that can be harmful for the patients. Technology is not always trustworthy; a bug or any default can lead to certain medical emergencies. For instance, if a diagnosis goes wrong, the associated prescription will be wrong too. What if a machine recommends wrong prescription to a patient? Also, what if a device corrupts and the patient has not backed up his or her medical information? Also, not every person is techno-savvy. Some people find it hard to get along with the changing technological landscape. What if a person gets a wrong prescription by inserting wrong details somehow? Or what a person is going to do if he or she is unable to process the prescribed recommendations? As depicted in the video, every kind of patient information including the medical history is saved on the smart devices for future reference. But, what I am trying to understand is that is it really possible that should technology be trusted in this way keeping in view the above associated risks. The future healthcare is all about the intervention of technology even into the medical prescription. What if a device or a robot displays wrong prescription? The vision illustrated by Microsoft could be achieved successfully and probably easily but the possible challenges mentioned above have to be addressed and assessed with much keen thinking and research. (249)

Works Cited

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