Technical Declaration

First of all, I need to find out that my chance to practice has been a wonderful educational and inspiring experience for me and it is one of my most appreciated achievements so far. For the span of two years, my clinical practice training was, and during this period I had the privilege of supervising rehabilitation procedures, I was given the tremendous task of carrying out physiological examinations for the group. The supply of a licensed psychologist offered an incentive to communicate with groups, individuals, and people. As a result, my interactions and practice I could clearly point out that have a have attained experience in some area these areas include scoring, interpretations, and efficient presentation of written reports of physiological assessment. I will like I also point out the committee that I have also attain a good level demographic and across cultural experience based on the fact that I have worked with people of different age, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, and grouping. It is important to clearly point out that my areas of experience in community mental health were primarily derived from working with people of lower socio-economic backgrounds, access to African-American and the European -American community in the United States and this group of are adults who fall between the ages of 18-64.I will also like to emphasize that during my interaction course work, and while I was conducting a vivid research into my assessment and intentions, I realized that I had attained broader knowledge in areas such as problem presenting and referral questions which include mood, gender, trauma, neuron-development substance, and personality disorder. I will like to clearly emphasize that based on the experience I gained from working with clients of varied background and the experience I also acquired from problem presentations and referral questions have aided my developmental process as a therapist in specific areas such as conceptualization, intervention, theoretical orientations, improved assessment skills and therapeutic role. Based on these experiences I have gained so far I have come to the realization of the importance and the esteemed value of conceptualization of diversity variable and have also increased by the ability to consider my clients from a multicultural dimension as opposed to a singular or less broadened view. Other aspects worthy of note of the value that has been added to me based on my practicum experience is the fact that my practicum experience has provided me with an avenue of exploring and growing in the field of mental health service. I could clearly point out that I have attained significant value from specific functions such as supervision and reflective process which is designed as a learning and developmental process for trainees. I have also been able to gain considerable knowledge about the details of the administrative process of community mental health and also the process by which such facilities are maintained. I will clearly emphasize at this juncture that the knowledge and experience have acquired from my practicum I have provided me with an avenue for growth. I believe that my adherence to the experience gained during this period will continue to shape and enhance my development process towards becoming a competent mental health professional in the nearest future. I have given clear thought to what will become of my career in the nearest future. Therefore I must conclusively state that I will continue to work in community mental health settings. I have plans and desire to work with the adult population and also intended to broaden my knowledge and experience by working with children also. I considered the ability to perfectly work with children and adults as a step in the right direction for my career. I also intend to maintain and build on my edge by updating myself frequently on the current state of research in my field, this I seek to achieve through continued education, constant supervision from professionals, mentors and also by consultations. At this juncture, I will like to stress that my long term plan is to adhere to a career path the will enable me to develop my expertise in the areas of multicultural and diversity related issues. I am of the opinion that this career path will consist of various features such as community activism, self-exploration of my personal diversity variable and continued education. I will also like to point out that the experience I acquired as a teaching assistant has also inspired my desire for the academic world with the intent to serve as an instructor in the nearest future. I wish to expound and apply my current knowledge and interest in the forensic psychology. I plan to influence the criminal justice system by applying my knowledge on areas such as culture and diversity. I will like to conclude this session by pointing out that my overall long-term is to continue to develop as a competent generalist clinicians and also use the training I have acquired in multicultural and diversity related issues to promote the creation of awareness in the clinical, forensic and academic areas of psychology. My desire to become a psychologist was practically influenced by my interest in multicultural and diversity related issues, this concept of multicultural and diversity have been a point of emphasis for me as I reflect on the process of my acculturation. Based on my transition from Asia to America at the age of 10 and how I struggle with language and cultural differences. I have decided to become a psychologist to help people with socially related problems while also carrying out effective diagnosis and treatment of mental related issues.

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