TechFite Corporate Policies

TechFite Corporate Policies

TechFite Corporate Policies ensure the provision of better remuneration to the community for jobs, protect the environment, build an environment conducive to workplaces and improve leadership, and provide a structure that provides a culture of growth and empowerment for employees. They want to maintain a stronger working relationship with the government by raising pensions, salaries and other benefits. The policies would also allow the organization to engage actively in the activities of its communities (Choi, Chang, Li, & Jang, 2016). Additionally, the policies will help the corporation to address the legal and cultural diversity experienced by TechFite (Doh, Husted & Yang, 2016).

Ethical Issues in the Community

There are ethical issues undermined by TechFite to the surrounding community. The community expected creation of new jobs with better payments. However, the company reduced the number of working hours to help cut the costs incurred in wages and salaries. The ethics officer will act as the institution’s checkpoint for ethics as well as accusations, indecencies, conflicts of interest, criticisms and providing leadership regarding the corporate world. Corporate social responsibility describes business practices that entail all the initiatives providing benefits to the whole society (Skilton & Purdy, 2017).

Addressing Ethical Desirability

Some of the ethical desirability will include full-time payment, increasing number of working hours and improving overtime payments. Reduce the surplus benefits given to the executives and work on improving the pay of the junior employees of the company.

Creating a Good Working Relationship with the Community

The company can consider creating good working relationship with community by actively getting involved in the events of the communities and encouraging employee’s empowerment and commitment in corporate decision generation. The course of action is socially, environmentally and ethically responsible – it includes the communities’ opinions in building a suitable environment for every member of the society. Besides, the policies will guarantee the employees better remunerations and overtime payments, therefore, being socially responsible to the community.


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