Team Development Key Stages

To be successful, Orange Corporation must understand and address team dynamics, which may be accomplished through the various stages of team development. The first step is formation, in which team members meet for the first time and are unfamiliar with their tasks. At this point, the team leader takes the lead and should explicitly outline the team's aims. This stage is critical because team members are getting to know one another and orienting themselves to their tasks (, 2017).

Storming is the second stage, in which teams begin to collaborate and individuality features produce divides owing to various approaches to circumstances. The Orange team leaders should ensure that there are clear and detailed guidelines for accomplishing tasks and handling disputes. Additionally, they must foster team spirit and tolerance through activities such as joint recreational tasks and reinforcement of project goals. This is followed by the norming stage where the team members shall start working together towards the common goal and develop a sense of trust and concern for one another. This can take time and usually overlaps with the storming stage as new tasks arise and the team surges forwards through various challenges. The team leaders must employ multitasking to effectively handle overlapping elements of both stages efficiently (, 2017).

Penultimately, the performing stage is where the team functions at a higher level with the focus on reaching their goal. They appreciate the leader as well as his/ her authority and are ready to follow their lead. At this point, Orange Corporation shall engage in monitoring and evaluation as the project nears its end. Finally, the adjourning stage indicates the end of the project and subsequent disbandment or restructuring of the team. It is important so that everyone gets to work in different areas of the organization and it fosters tolerance among a vast number of employees (, 2017).

References (2017, May 23). 5 Stages of group development. Retrieved from

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