Success by setting SMART goals

Setting up effective goals will make it more difficult to achieve success. I have the chance to push myself to advance in my work and realize my lifelong goals by setting SMART goals. Furthermore, doing such measures will enable me to influence my future by the decisions I make on a daily basis about politics and socioeconomics. Great performers, in my opinion, are motivated to take on obstacles that most others would view as insurmountable.
My ultimate ambition in life is to lead the majority in the US Senate. I must meet the three constitutional qualifications for senatorial office: being 30 years old, a citizen of the United States for at least 9 years,  and being an inhabitant of the state I want to represent).

Long-Term Goal

My long-term goal is to become a U.S Senator and take part in formulating policies relating to foreign aid and international relations.

Short Term Goal

To achieve the long-term goal, I am aspiring to get involved in the local leadership through;

1. Represent my community in the local government committee as a member. I intend to use this position to familiarize with governance and implementation of policies at local level.

2. Run for the post of a mayor before going for the senatorial seat. This position will challenge me and enable me to acquire managerial skills necessary for the role.



Participating in local politics and networking with officials from local governments to gain reputation at the community level. Run for smaller positions like town mayor, committee member as I build up for the higher position. Moreover, the lower positions will enable me to have a personal contact with the people I intend to represent in the Senate.


Find at least three mentors and political advisors to act as my advocates and strategists. The mentors and advisors will help in shaping my political journey by ensuring I maintain good credentials and positive reputation. Moreover, I intend to raise more than $ 50000 for senatorial race campaigns and other associated activities.


Contact the State government to find out the minimum number of signatures required before filling my candidacy with the Secretary of State. Set up a fundraising committee and public relations teams at local level to help drum up my support. Organize two or three fundraising campaigns to finance my senatorial bid.


I will give speeches, participate in interviews, and pin posters and other advertisements relating to my senatorial race. Moreover, I intend to share my policy agenda with the citizens and convince them to be part of the change the society needs.


I intend to have interviews and seminars every month for the first next two years. Moreover, I will meet with my mentors and critical supporters every week to monitor and evaluate the progress. I should run for the local position by 2018 and declare my candidature for the senatorial position by 2022.


Achieving my long-term goal of becoming a U.S Senator will involve incorporation of planning and emphasizing on the SMART goals as part of the lifetime goal. The steps taken must reflect the link between short-term goals and long-term goals. More importantly, as a senator, am ready to learn and work, stand up for values, and earn trust from the electorates.

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