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Prior to beginning any assignment or study, students should carefully consider their research approach. Deductive, inductive, and abductive research techniques are the main types. (Smith, 2015). The inductive method examines the emergence of novel generalizations and theories, while the deductive approach focuses primarily on the validity of theories, hypotheses, or assumptions. (Frels, & Onwuegbuzie, 2013). Furthermore, the abductive research approach begins with unexpected facts, and the primary focus of the research process is excellent explanation.

It is crucial that the student thinks through their chosen study strategy. First of all, various research queries call for various research techniques. Some research questions require theoretical approach, synthesis, and analysis of findings, while other requires fieldwork and data gathering (Smith, 2015). Secondly, identifying the research approach makes the research process easy the students have identified the main areas to give attention(Frels, & Onwuegbuzie, 2013).

The approach an individual selects when conducting a research affects the conclusion. The conclusion of nay research entails summarizing the findings of the results. Primarily the results of most researchers are in percentage, graph, and table form (Frels, & Onwuegbuzie, 2013). Moreover, other researchers involve theoretical work, which does not include the numerical results. This means that when drawing the conclusion different research approaches will have different conclusions, as the results will be summarized differently.

The research question drives the approach to the research as some questions are scientific and require data analysis and fieldwork study while others are theoretical and do not have any numerical findings (Smith, 2015). Moreover, some research approaches are mainly concerned with the validity of theories, hypotheses, or assumptions while others look at the fact to offer an extensive explanation (Frels, & Onwuegbuzie, 2013). Importantly, the research question significantly drives the approach the researcher identifies as the best for the research.


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