Students Reading Intervention Strategies

Students read to improve their ability to identify texts and to encode and decode information for comprehension. For teaching word identifications, teachers must have a plan. The first tactic is to pinpoint the vocabulary that students find challenging when describing their experiences with a specific exercise. (Johnson, 2015). A instructor then devises the most effective methods for teaching grammar and phonics. The student's reading all the words that are bothering him or her repeatedly is the concluding technique.

The dialogic reading method is one reading approach for kids between the ages of 1-6. The U.S Department of Education lists dialogic reading as reading by sharing pictures (U.S Department of Education, 2007). In the reading, the roles change from the child being the storyteller and informing the adult of the right reading strategy they need to adopt. An adult listens to the child, asks questions and gauges the understanding of the child. These improve the reading strategies of a child under the supervision of the adult.

For children in the lower grades, their strategy of vocabulary development start by understanding each word, then related words like antonyms, synonyms, among others. The next stage is to provide meanings of words and examples use, like in sentences and other writing exercises (The Access Center, n.d.). These enlarge their vocabulary and set the right standards for mastery and improvements in learning. A repetition of these strategies ensures the vocabulary improves until the students can learn and develop by themselves. Three critical questions for the reading are: How do teachers handle students with physical disabilities? What assessments assist teachers in knowing the progress of students? What difficulties do teachers face in these strategies?


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