Student Loan Debt

According to the article, personal loans student loans are amongst the riskiest ways to which the students can rely on to pay their college fee. The reasons behind this are that these loans at many instances they have varying interest rates, with some as high as 13.74 in the 12 months 2006, and these rates are unbearable for those who can at least find the money for them. Another way that makes them the riskiest is the fact that they do lack the consumer repayment and protections preferences of the federal loans. However, the article notes that there is an effort made by the ‘Project on the Student Debt’ to improve the consumer protection for the private loans borrowers and ensuring that the families and students are provided with the information that is necessary for them to make smart and safe borrowing decisions.


The fact that education is the backbone of a country’s economic growth is a sufficient agenda to call on the implicated institutions to amicably solve the risk posed by private loans lending institutions. A majority of the students seeking the loans to fund their education are unemployed and acquiring the loans is there only hope to sail through the institutions of higher learning and better their chances of being accommodated in the corporate world. The risk involved in private loans is unbearable to most of the students in this category. Furthermore, these risks lock most of the aspiring students from accessing education due to the nature of their unaffordability and lack of the consumer repayment and protection option. This does not confer with the ultimate objective of the government to provide an affordable education for its citizens. In this regard, I support the decision of the ‘Project on Student Debt’ to improve the consumer protection for the private loans borrowers and ensuring that the families and students are provided with the information that is necessary for them to make smart and safe borrowing decisions.

Community College Publication and Resources


The article centers on the role of the Community College Publication and Resources in maximizing the effectiveness of the student services and financial aid at two-year institutions. In particular, this organization is said to focus on the estimated 2.5 million students within the community colleges of California. The article also outlines the role of the state and Federal financial aid in supporting its activities. However, it also discusses the challenges that this organization faces in executing its mandate, and they include States denial, costs, and tradeoffs, the statement made by the white house regarding making the two years of College more universal just like that of the High School. More so, it outlines the strategies’ that it tends to institute in facing off this challenges.


Education is the fundamental aspect that can lead to a successful society and nation at large. With that said, the introduction of the two years of college was a move in the right direction towards absorbing more your men and providing them with the necessary skills and expertise to fit in the corporate world. Therefore, the mandate bestowed upon the Community College Publications and Resources is positive. However, the hefty issues facing this organization and the issues raised by the organization are worrying and a threat to a long-term success of the two-year college system. In this regard, it is critical, and of great importance for all the institutions involved in one way or another to see the success of the two-year college, learning should act in good faith and with good will.

Net Price Calculator Publications and Resources


The article speaks of the initiation of a policy by the United States, since October 29, 2011, that made it an obligation for all the universities and colleges to place on their websites, the ‘net price calculators.’ This was done with an objective to make sure that it became much easier for the prospective students together with their families to look past the often ‘ sticker prices’ such that they are able to start figuring out on which colleges could be affordable to them. The ‘Net Price Calculators’ are able to provide an early and individualized estimate of the ultimate cost of a specific college after scholarships and grants.


Whereas the move to initiate the ‘Net Price Calculator’ seems to be in good faith, the consequence that this move attracts is wary. One case in point is the fact that this move will bring about division and uncertainty in the education system. Whereas the provision of education should be safe and affordable to every citizen, the move to initiate the ‘Net Price Calculator’ only confirms the acceptance by the government the learning is not only equally available to all but only for those who can afford to pay more. It dismisses the government’s goal of equality in education such that the best institutions, which are by chance likely to be the most expensive by the evaluation with the use of the Net Price Calculator,’ will only be available for the rich while the poor can only seek the institutions with a lower net price, and so is the quality of education offered. Therefore, the government should seek alternatives that will promote the spirit of equality in education rather than division, uncertainty, and inequality.

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