Student Learning Outcome Essay

Studying the direction throughout the semester has significantly impacted on my knowledge and the use o a range of skills in the practice of writing processes. The emphasis on the rhetorical choices I am supposed to use the invention, drafting to making ready the final research paper has impacted on my critical and innovative thinking to ensure that the work I present is consistent. As such, laying down the targets of the course in the begging allowed me to keep checking my progress towards them and refine on the areas that needed improvement through the course. I used to be able to enquire with the professor throughout the course on sectors that want clarification and ensure that I understood the requirements. On the other, hand, taking up the course has engaged my minds in participation during class sessions and tackling various assignments and grammar quizzes. The paper is, therefore, important in demonstrating how the various objectives of the course have impacted my understanding and the skills in writing.
The first objective that impacted positively on my skills during the course is the ability to demonstrate both individuals and collaborative writing processes. The various assignments and discussions in the course work were imperative in grasping and understanding the individual and collaborative writing processes. Each time I participated in the class sessions, I worked with different people and was able to learn the various styles of approaching the processes of writing and ensure that they are enjoyable. Consequently, going through the course has enhanced my collaborative skills where I can efficiently work within a team and provide academic work which is compatible with the existing learning styles. Also, assignments such as the importance of grammar were one of the ways that helped me to capture the different processes while the lectures comments were helpful in improving my knowledge. I learned the logical arrangement of paragraphs that would ensure improvement in my future work. Also, the assignment of topic related work gave me an opportunity to polish and understand the processes better since it was more of revising what I had previously been taught.
Similarly, development of ideas with appropriate support and attribution by following standard style guidelines in documenting sources was a learning outcome that impacted positively on my skills through the course. According to the various written and submitted assignments, there is an improvement in the feedback from the professor each time. Through, the course, I can consistently arrange the references and bibliography page of any assignment according to the provided styles. Working with the writing guidelines furnished by the professor, I was able to follow the steps by referring in the initials stages until I finally captured the requirements. On the other hand, reading work from different authors, it is possible to quote them in my work efficiently without reaping their words with the correct form of attribution. I can critically develop ideas from what I read and produce consistent work through the various assignments given in the class and the feedback provided by the professor. In this way, the comments from the teacher ensure that I can avoid the use of some words in my essay to ensure consistency in writing. The four essays written through the course were imperative in ensuring an improvement in the writing style each moment. The arrangement of the reference page from the author, date, heading and journal according to the needed style was an outcome that I captured and would be imperative in my future writings.
Consequently, the course was essential in ensuring that I could read, reflect and critically respond to a variety of texts. As such, the professor provided different learning materials that we were required to read and comprehend what was written then use it in our assignments. It is through the learning process and tackling the topical questions that I learn critical thinking in response to the work of different authors. Also, the reaction from the professor provided an opportunity to work on my reading skills while improving my critical thinking. Therefore, having gone through the course has been the chance to respond critically to a variety of texts that I continually encounter in my process of learning.
In conclusion, the course has been imperative in impacting to my knowledge through the various learning outcomes that were set at the beginning. I have had an opportunity to demonstrate my knowledge through the different writing processes that I have practiced in the assignments and essays of the course. The feedback from the professor has also been necessary to ensure that I make improvements with each written work. Also, I got an opportunity to develop ideas with appropriate support and attribution required. As such, with feedback provided in the various assignments, I can follow the standard style guidelines in documenting sources. On the other hand, I captured the learning outcomes in reading, reflecting and critically responding to a variety of texts through the class sessions and the topical quizzes. Therefore, the paper is important in demonstrating how the various objectives have of the course have impacted on my understanding and writing skills.

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