The Story

The story is an interview of the respondent and beneath is a brief on what it entailed:

The Interviewee

The interviewee is Koby, 18 years old, attended a high school in Carlmont, and is from San Mateo.

Specialization and Achievements

She specializes in enjoying basketball, though she plays other video games too for fun. Her greatest achievement is making it to the all-league in her final year.

Injuries and Performance

Her principal injuries include knees and ankle injuries. She contends that game accidents affect the player's performance.

The area of conflict is about the have an effect on injuries on the player's performance. According to the respondent, injuries tend to minimize the performance of players. The injuries sustained during video games have both physical and psychological impacts; psychologically, they make the player afraid of getting hurt again resulting in diminished performance. Physically, the players become incapacitated and, hence, unable to perform. Ironically, despite the responder sustaining such injuries during games, her performance seemed to have improved rather than diminished.

Irony and Conflict

The irony depicted above illustrates a conflict of opinion. As the responder indicated that the response to the question was from a personal perspective, the many injuries that she received did not affect her performance. According to the respondent, she has had various injuries on both knees and ankles. Such injuries from the reader's perspective would have incapacitated the player and caused him to experience notable failures. The contrast is exhibited when she mentions that during her final years in the school where she led her team to make it to the all-league.

Authenticity and Further Research

The authenticity of the statement needs further proof, as there seems to exist a conflict of opinions in the statement. The respondent could have alternatively indicated that injuries have certain levels of effect on a player's performance. More research needs to be done on this topic to validate the information and ideas that have been put forth by other players.

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