Stem Cell Research

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Stem cell research is an examination process where foremost cells which develop living organisms are examined. The Stem cell procedures are done in the lab where cells are fully fledged to discover their fundamental possession. The stem cell research controversy delivered a powerful debate on ethics in the past years, however, recently the lookup focuses on Embryonic Stem Cells which comprises obtaining some tissues from a terminated embryo to obtain suitable studying cells. This practice is performed a number of days after conception that is in amid of the fifth and the ninth week. However, today researchers have raised to more principled find out about approaches, for instance, Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Stem cells are cells which have a prospective to develop into distinct kind of cells found in the body reliant on whether they are multipotent or pluripotent. The cells serve as a repair system which may hypothetically divide with no limits to reload other cells providing that the animal is still alive.

Stem cells have marvelous potential or strength to help in the treatment of different types of disease. Most of the time, they help in the treatment of blood disease. Some of the benefits of Stem cell research are as below.

Better Knowledge of Human Growth

Through the Stem cell research, scientists has been able to acquire a lot of knowledge on how bodies function. This is vital as it helps them advance in medication, medical procedures as well as cure degenerative disease. Stem cell helps in reversing aging. They involve a regenerative process which revives old or worn out cells; this may contribute to prolonging the life of a person. The Stem cell research doesn’t only help the living organism but also benefit to the unborn. The Stem cell affects the embryo and alters the treatment of congenital disabilities which can be treated before the child is born thereby increasing chances of survival Ian (Murnaghan).

Stem Cells and Cell-founded Therapies

Another Stem Cell potential is that they contribute in forming cells as well as tissues for medical treatments. Formerly the stem cells have donated a lot of organs and tissues which are replaced for scratched or dysfunctional ones. However, the worst part of it is that there are a lot of people waiting for a transplant than the available number of organs. The waiting list is an enormous and large number of people dies while waiting for the transplant. The stem cell research offers the viable basis of replacement cells to control illnesses and may potentially lower the illness and mortality for the individuals waiting for transplants. Some of the cells where stem cells are so beneficial to include Parkinson’s disease diabetes Type I, Arthritis, Arthritis, Burn victims and cardiac diseases stem cells have potent cells to Reverse Diseases, this is when they are directed to distinct specialized types of cells. They offer a new renewable source of auxiliary cells to individuals suffering from any of the above diseases.

Nevertheless, the probable of reducing the disease isn’t foreign. For example is a heart attack, whenever a person is attacked by heart attack and later sustained heart damage might have the damaged cell replaced. On Parkinson’s disease which involves brain destruction, a victim this disease may hopefully be reversed with new, healthy and operating brain cells.

Drug testing

In the pharmaceutical field, stem cell plays an important role. New drugs can be easily be tested on stem cells to determine their effectiveness as well as a safety before testing them on a human, for example, an anti-tumor drug which treats cancer may be tested via a cancer cell line. Up to date, the stem cell research benefits has been recognized, and it is expected that the research will continue paving new forms of treatments.

Stem Cells and Human Development

There are a lot of controversy surrounding stem cells which may have prevented you from getting the information about benefits of stem cell on health medical fields. The stem cells research shows that the stem cells have great potential for treating disease. They have enormous potential in health. Today, scientists are doing a lot of Stem cell research to get more information on how stem cells transform into the diverse range of cells which makes human be whom they are today (Ellie Dearden). Some diseases for instance cancer or other conditions like congenital disabilities are alleged to occur since defects in the variation process of development which occurs in normal cells will assist scientists to control the evolving errors which may arise.

Disadvantages of stem cell research

During the stem cell research, the blastocysts formed in an egg fertilized in the lab may be destructed. This may destroy life since it begins at conception where the blastocyst is broken. However, this is immoral. Like any other current technological form, its long-term effect on interference with nature is yet to be discovered. However, the embryonic stem cells might not be the primary solution for the disease. According to the current research, it was realized that the stem therapy which was used on a patient with heart disease broadens or makes the coronary arteries narrower (Jason ladock). The adult stem cells are more disadvantageous; this is most they are, mostly pre-specialized for example blood stem cells has only one function which makes brain only another example is the brain stem cells which generates brain cells brain cells only. There are some embryonic stem cells which can only work in person, and when injected into another person they reject the,

Despite all the benefits of scientific stem cell research, its cost is too high which a lot of individuals cannot afford. In fact, its cost millions if not billions of dollars, compared to other government projects which help to control the same diseases, many people opts to go for other substitute programs which aren’t as expensive stem as stem cell research (Jeffrey Bluestone).


In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits concerned with the stem cell research in medicine and science, the cells are very promising and can treat a lot of diseases. However, the stem cells also have got some disadvantages which are either social or cultural in nature. Besides the process is so expensive and may be associated with risks as well as ethical issues. Different people has different views on the stem cell; research some are against for religious or moral motives particularly on if the research involves the embryonic cells. The latest research shows that Stem cell research is a contentious topic, researchers confirmed that have come across a new way of creating human stem cells via chromosomes. If you compare all the arguments, the stem cell research has only one drawback, and that is the cost, this is proven to haves put off a lot of people who could have benefited from it.

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