Spirituality and Culture in the Delivery of Care

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As a registered nurse, it is a requirement to reveal professionalism while giving care to different sufferers that hails from varying background. For example in addressing spirituality, a nurse is required to first set up a rapport with a client. At this juncture, the patient is provided with an possibility to express values and needs that ultimately empower them to deal with their illness. Importantly, the nurse as the caregiver is required to have an open mind and tolerance in case of conflicting spirituality. Additionally, in the instance the place the patient fails to disclose their non secular beliefs, as a registered nurse the action to take is asking gently about the spiritual preferences due to the fact a majority of patients are always waiting to be offered support. Moreover, the nurse should not discourage nor prescribe a given spirituality to the patient.
Regarding addressing culture in the nursing profession, it is also mandatory for the professional nurse to demonstrate cultural competence as well as respect for others. In dealing with the issue of culture the nurse is required to respect rights and dignity of all patients. Additionally, as a professional therapist should not make assumptions about the clients (Baldacchino 892). Under this case, the nurse should ask questions about cultural practices adhering to professionalism. Importantly, as a professional nurse, it is always advised to decipher about what patients know about their health problems and treatment. Consequently, it is paramount for nurses to understand where each category of patient stands in the society. For example, the oldest male has ascribed the role of the decision maker even with regards to treatment conclusions. Summarily, the nurse should be in a position to provide adequate care for patients hailing from different cultural backgrounds an aspect termed as cultural competence.

Baldacchino, Donia R. “Nursing competencies for spiritual care.” Journal of clinical nursing 15.7 (2006): 885-896.

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