Sociology as an art

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Sociology as an art deals with the study of social constructions; it includes studying the ideas of culture and their consequences for the actions and attitudes of man. I find this course particularly interesting as a high school student, as I can learn about the various types of societies with their different organizations and cultural systems. Based on this foundation, because of many qualities I possess, I believe I deserve a distinction grade.
As a student, I would describe myself as an honest, hardworking, and social person. The sociology class is highly instrumental in these attributes. Through honesty, I am able to openly share my ideas and perspectives concerning societal issues without fear of intimidation. Voicing out of opinions is very vital to the class, as the opinions are as diverse as the societies under study.

Hard work enables me to be a very productive student. I am able to carry out my research and assignments within the stipulated time. All my works are done from intensive research on the topics taught in class. Additionally, I am able to read ahead of the teacher, thus constantly knowledgeable on all matters concerning the course.

Sociology explores the interaction between different individuals in a society. As a social student, I am able to comfortably interact with my peers from different communities and backgrounds. Through this, I am able to attain useful information that is essential to the study of culture and the sociology class as a whole.

I find myself deserving of a distinction, as I possess the positive attributes that assist me in learning of the concepts taught in class quite easily. The sociology classes are always interesting and enlightening and through the learning experiences, I have found interesting facts on mankind and his society.

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